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New Product For Cardiovascular Disease Is Just The Beginning – The Health Care Blog

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Bayer’s 98 million co-development plus investment While the solution itself is impressive in terms of its predictive analysis and integration with One Drop’s precision chronic disease health platform, what is remarkable about this milestone is that it shows what is possible when a pharmaceutical company and a healthcare technology startup are truly aligned as companies R&D to market.

Jeanne Kehren, CIO and Head of Digital & Commercial Innovation at Bayer Pharmaceuticals, and Jeff Dachis, CEO of One Drop, introduce us to their collaboration with a very open discussion about how their two organizations are not just developing a new product here today but also have established a solid foundation for a working relationship poised to revolutionize chronic care and define a new market for precision health.

We’re talking about strategy: for Bayer-One Drop … for what the “digital disruption” will bring for the pharmaceutical industry … and for “putting a laboratory on everyone’s arm” via the One Drop sensor that is currently being developed. This chat shows how the thinking behind established disruptor partnerships has really evolved and what this will mean to bring digital technologies to the healthcare system on a large scale and meaningfully. For me, when I hear Jeanne say: “Everything starts with the pharmaceutical industry being aware of itself” and that they “have to stop cutting things up into therapeutic areas and taking the individual into account” AND realize that “not everything is process – oriented and shaped like we do for medicines ”is a fundamental change from what we heard from pharmaceutical managers just a few years ago about partnerships with health technology companies. Things change! Tune in to hear a lot more.

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