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Normal Blood Glucose Levels – Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels

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So your readings are outside of normal blood glucose levels. If you’re worried about complications, you can relax a little. They usually take 5-10 years to develop. Fortunately, diabetes research is constantly advancing. You have tremendous control over your blood sugar and health as long as you stay on top of it

Here are some top lessons about false impressions that can make managing your diabetes harder.

Don’t do the “borderline hustle” first.

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If your fasting blood sugar was 126 mg/dl or your blood sugar was above 200 mg/dl at least twice after eating, you are diabetic. Don’t gamble with your health. You are better off accepting your a diabetic. It no longer has the stigma it used to have. In fact, people with diabetes who are monitored and tested regularly are often healthier than their peers.

Use your readings as signals to take action. Start an exercise program or increase one you already have. Lose a little weight. You can prevent diabetes as long as you take action or reduce the damage it has done to you. Either way, you’ll be healthier and feel better.

Second, don’t let yourself be lulled into a false sense of security.

Your symptoms may subside immediately after starting the medication. You will find that there is a “honeymoon” period of 30 to 180 days after diagnosis when your insulin needs drop. (It may take longer if a child is older at the time of diagnosis.) Your symptoms may also subside.

Don’t let go of your vigilance and don’t stop measuring and tracking. It’s always temporary. You want to know when the symptoms will increase again.

Finally, adjust your symptoms, glucose levels, and lifestyle.

This is the key combination. You can’t just show your meter to your doctor. You might miss the dawn phenomenon, the effect of the menstrual cycle, the timing of post-exercise blood sugar changes, and other important associations that help you stay on the right schedule.

Thanks to Jean Healy

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