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Olive Leaf To Replace Synthetic Antibiotics?

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Olive Leaf is extracted from the leaves of the Mediterranean olive tree. It was first used as a medicine in ancient Egypt. For centuries it was both a food and a home remedy used in many Mediterranean countries. Since the 19th century, the olive leaf has been the subject of various research.

Olive Leaf is organic and an antioxidant packed with vitamin C, zinc, iron, beta-carotene and selenium. It increases blood flow and energy, increasing energy levels. This herb may be beneficial for people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and arthritis.

Olive leaves can cause the viruses to become dormant, preventing them from spreading. It is used with great results to curb the flu viruses, HIV virus and herpes viruses. This herb is a potent natural antibiotic with the ability to wipe out bacteria, fungi, viruses and yeast. Very often it is used to treat candida and psoriasis skin infections.

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Olive leaves have been used for centuries as a home remedy to reduce fever. Studies have shown that the tea is a more effective treatment for malaria than quinine. It’s also a great natural treatment for shingles. Olive leaf poultices are an effective treatment for skin infections.

Olive leaf is a natural treatment for hyperglycemia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In Mediterranean regions such as Spain, it is often used to relieve rheumatic pains, arthritis pains, gout and fevers.

It is a natural remedy that is most effective against antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This herb eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa, flukes, yeast, worms and parasites that could cause disease in a non-invasive and non-toxic way.

You can get this herb in tincture, capsule, and leaf form. Always take your olive leaf tea with meals. Any pregnant or breastfeeding woman should be careful not to ingest it. Individuals taking a course of antibiotics prescribed by a doctor must refrain from taking olive leaves while taking medication. It can complicate things when taken with the prescription.

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