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Plant Based Horse Minerals

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When I was advised to give my horse Nathy a mineral supplement to improve his health and well-being, I decided to take a natural approach. Of all the minerals I found for horses, most were metallic in nature, which contradicted my approach to supplementing Nathy.

The word metallic is enough to stop me from feeding these minerals to my horse, I wanted something more natural. I came across a brand of horse minerals that are plant based and all natural. With more than 74 botanical ingredients to help keep horses healthy and happy, just a few are listed below.

Premium Horse Minerals.

  • sea ​​plants
  • seaweed
  • Ancient medicinal plants and herbs
  • colloidal minerals
  • biotin
  • Moringa Powder
  • MSM plant sulfur
  • clay dolomite
  • Clay Calcium Bentonite
  • kieselguhr

Natural plant minerals are better for the horse’s digestive system and are also more easily absorbed than non-plant derived minerals. Eating natural, wholesome products can improve human well-being, but the same should not apply to our animals.

Humans typically cannot tolerate high levels of starch or sugar, leading to diseases such as diabetes. Diabetes can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke by 50%. If we can improve horse nutrition with healthy forage and natural supplements, it must be better than feeding them unhealthy forage loaded with sugar and starch.

When humans can get a disease like diabetes, it’s crazy to think a horse would be immune to it. Horses shouldn’t have too much sugar, it can lead to laminitis and even insulin resistance, similar to a person with type 2 diabetes. It is important to us to give our horses a balanced diet so that they stay well in the intestines and prevent diseases such as insulin resistance and laminitis.

Minerals play an important role in a horse’s overall health and in my opinion natural minerals are a better choice to support a horse’s digestive system and overall well-being. Horses cannot tell us how they are feeling or what is causing them pain and discomfort, but they can show it to us either physically, emotionally, or through their general behavior. Most bad behavior from a horse is caused by pain or discomfort, if we don’t listen to them these behaviors will only get worse and can harm the horse owner.

To prevent this, a balanced diet is essential… listen to your horse. My horse told me I need to find out about Australia’s best kept secret, Paradise Nutrients.

Thanks to Pauline Smith

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