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Prevent Constipation

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Anyone who has had to deal with pain caused by constipation will agree that it is a very uncomfortable feeling that affects you throughout the day. In severe cases, the pain can become acute. Constipation can affect anyone from newborns to the elderly and everywhere in between.
Although there are drugs that help to heal quickly Gas, bloating and pain When constipated, these drugs can also be unpredictable and create a new set of problems that may leave you stuck near a bathroom.
As with many other physical ailments, it can be argued that the best offense is a good defense; and by that I mean trying prevent constipation from ever occurring.
Watching the foods you eat is a good idea for good health in general, but this natural remedy isn’t about what you eat, it’s about what you drink. Drinking adequate amounts of water is a key factor to help prevent constipation.
Water, juice (prune juice is an ideal choice), and tea can all help. Coffee can help in certain cases as the caffeine gives your body a jolt that often provides a solution, although coffee can also dehydrate your body. Soda is generally a bad idea to drink, let alone when trying to prevent constipation. The gas of any carbonated drink will only add to the problem.

I’ve spoken to many who don’t like drinking water, and I’m right in saying that juice is full of unwanted sugars. Tea is a very good idea in this case. There are many types of tea to drink, although I personally recommend lemongrass tea if you try prevent constipation. It tastes like lemon, is digestive, can be drunk both hot and iced (with little to no sugar, depending on taste) and is very refreshing. You can make a pitcher with 1 or 2 tea bags that will last 2 or 3 days, maybe even longer. Most importantly, the extra hydration helps and contributes to your body’s digestive system functioning properly prevent constipation.

Thanks to David Giusti

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