Sober Living and the 12-step Program


Conveyed by AA, the 12-step program is often used by sober living homes to suggest effective recovery. One of the major purposes of this program is to let each individual achieve awakening spiritually and allow him or her to life a normal life even after a serious bout with alcohol and substance abuse. It is in compulsion that the person relates his or her condition without engaging in any kind of addiction.

Through the use of the 12-step program to change the lives of the clients, there have been major changes that have happened and most of it is through productivity. Alcoholism has been effectively eradicated because of the effectiveness of the program.

In terms of modification, the 12-step program had been proven to be useful as the key for recovery from various compulsions and addictions. Majority of the people working with such situations believe that compulsion and substance dependence may be caused by emotional, mental and spiritual incapacities.

Those who have used the 12-step program have stood their ground in addressing the effectiveness of the 12-step program to be incorporated in rehabilitation centers and halfway houses. Below is the summarized 12-step program in order to justify its modifiable effectiveness.


An alcoholic or an addict must therefore admit that he or she is powerless over the main reason why he or she was brought to be rehabilitated. If the person’s condition is caused by alcohol then the statement will have to bear that reason. Furthermore, the individual must accept his or her vulnerability and the unmanageable status he or she has put himself or herself into.


To assume that people are not all powerful and are actually only tiny bits of sand must be reiterated. Addicts must keep within their hearts and minds that they are completely ruled by a higher power (and that is not the president). In order to restore the individual’s sanity one must devote himself or herself to the greater Power.

Decision making

The addict must make a pact to make all decisions to glorify God Almighty and will direct all his or her actions based on His teachings. When there are doubts about making difficult decisions, it must all be surrendered in order to make the higher Power make the solution in respond to the predicament.


One of the most difficult aspects of the 12-step program is to rerun the events in our minds and share it to someone you barely even know. Although, without the fearless inventory of oneself, fearlessly searching for answers, effective recovery will not be possible because the problem is still hidden and kept within the depths of the person’s inner being. It will decompose and react severely in a negative way.


One way to forgive others is to forgive oneself. This is true. Once the person admits himself to the Father Almighty, things will get lighter. One must accept, in the name of the higher Power that he or she has done something wrong and is willing to repent.

Ask for Strength and Forgiveness In order for the process to become successful, forgiveness must be made. The will to move on must be strengthened because of the faith that things will get better out the efforts of Divine Intervention.

People who are under the 12-step program which is done in sober living homes tend to have a more strengthened faith.

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