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Sober Living Homes The Door to Life

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Instead of a rehabilitated person dragging his life around town trying to figure out things, some prefer to choose to be inside sober living. This is because of the effective programs of the place that is regarded to be very welcoming and is very realistic. It is said that sober living homes have the right kind of environment that a newly recovered person needs in order to be able to participate more effectively to the outside life.

There are numerous reasons and programs that are offered by sober living which are exclusively offered to clients who just undergone a rehabilitated life. Although, before committing to a certain sober home, one must be very particular of the reason why he or she is there. Compliance of rules and regulations are strictly implemented inside the vicinity for the residents to feel that continuous recovery is still made.

Opening the door to life

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Initially, clients who are accepted in sober homes must be required to be rehabilitated for at least 30 days or more. Sober homes are exclusively for alcoholics and addicts who both have similar goals of the maintenance of sobriety in their lives. This will make every resident feel that the process is intended for the entire group and not just for the individual. There are a few requirements that sober homes want in their residents namely:

• Residents are required to submit drug testing which is random. Their rooms are checked for any alcohol, paraphernalia or drug presence. These guidelines are made in order to ensure that substances will no longer take place inside the person’s life. This is also made to assure that relapses will be less likely to occur because precipitating factors are not made available. Maintenance of safety is also addressed by these procedures.

• One is required to continue school or otherwise get a job in order to pursue gradual introduction to the outside environment. In this requirement, it ensures that the entire residents are responding to a more constructive and reproductive means which will be more profitable focus of time. Improvement of life is possible though class attendance and work habits which will also test their abilities on how to effectively cope with life’s stressors.


It is in the midst of the night when bad, bad things happen. That is why; sober living homes are trying to impose curfew hours for their residents to become more aware of their surroundings and in order to be away from influences of liquor and illegal substances during weeknights. Normally, curfew time starts at nine in the evening. To ensure that curfew hours are strictly followed, a roll call is made with every resident.

Rights and Privileges

Privileges are given to some of the residents living inside the home. Some are allowed to go home during weekends during Friday nights and be back by Sunday. This will allow residents who are eligible to go home and be with their loved ones. But some are not allowed of this privilege mainly because going home is prohibited based on factors like history of relapses or situation inside the home which may make the residents remember the negative feelings. Sometimes, it is in the resident’s home where he or she has encountered the substances.

It is best to reiterate that not all sober living homes are practicing this kind of privileges based on their standards.

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