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Some Surprising Health Benefits That You Can Get From Garlic

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Many people have chosen to use garlic in both medicinal and culinary methods. Of course, its medicinal use is not as widespread as its use in the kitchen, but it is there. Maybe you can use them too.

Garlic can also be used as a homemade pesticide. There is a system that gardeners call companion planting, where garlic is grown in the right spots in the garden to deter insects. If you want to do more than plant, you can make a pesticide out of garlic, liquid soap, and pepper.

Your pets can also make good use of garlic. Garlic repels many bugs, fleas, and ticks. A good way to use it for your pets is to add a little bit to their food. In fact, some foods already contain dried garlic for this purpose.

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It can repel more than things that bother your dogs. It can also fight mosquitoes that bother you. They can carry various diseases, so having a cheap way to drive them away is extremely valuable. Garlic extract on your exposed skin works wonders, as does simply scattering some garlic around the room. You don’t need too much – mosquitoes are sensitive to it.

Garlic can also serve as a means of stabilizing your blood pressure and circulation, as well as something that can cleanse your skin. It can actually clear up acne and other things that can weigh on your skin — just make sure you test it first, as you may be sensitive to garlic.

Parasitic infection is so common that it’s a godsend to know garlic can handle it. Science has confirmed that hookworms, pinworms and even tapeworms cannot withstand a garlic-enriched diet.

Consuming garlic is also beneficial for the most important organ in your body – the heart. It can also lower your blood pressure.

There are a ton of other benefits out there. However, the benefits you’ve already read should inspire you to delve into garlic in a big way.

Thanks to Brody Phillips

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