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Symptoms of Chicken Pox. Be Alert!

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If you have been around anyone that gets chickenpox there is a good chance you will get in unless you already have. Since chickenpox are very contagious it is best to stay away from others while you have it. Yet those you have come into contact with even up to three weeks earlier may already be infected. In fact, that is likely the way you came into contact with it as well.

There are generally very few signs of chickenpox during that incubation period. A person may start to see red spots on their body that are itchy. This may initially look like an allergic reaction of some type. A person can go to bed just fine but wake up covered with chickenpox from head to toe. Looking back though, some people do show some signs that changes are taking place to the body. The problem is that they are very common symptoms so they can be associated with anything until you see the red spots.

Some children end up with a slight fever during the incubation period. They can appear more tired and even irritable at times. Many children decrease the amount of food they consume slightly. At the same time though they increase the amount they have to drink. Many parents just chalk this up to the child being thirsty though. A cough and even discharge from the nose may be present as well.

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The symptoms that do appear in relationship to chickenpox are very mild when you are talking about a healthy individual. This is why most parents aren’t overly concerned about them. For children with a weak immune system and other medical problems though they can be a sign of concern. Consult with your doctor to figure out the very best course of action to take.

There isn’t anything you can do to offset the chickenpox once these symptoms start. You can make sure you have all of the things you need for your child to be as comfortable as possible. If they have been exposed to chickenpox you can be likely certain they are coming any day. If you work outside of the home you need to start preparing to take time off or to arrange for a sitter.

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