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T-Factor Diet – How to Maintain a Lifestyle With Low Fat For Kids and Adults

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The T-factor diet was developed in 1989 by Dr. Martin Katahn, director of Vanderbilt University’s Vanderbilt Weight Management Program, and updated in January 1994, is explained by the amount of calories the body uses to convert food into energy and other things it needs to function well and survive .

Another notable thing about this diet is that it claims that the food you eat is more important than the amount of calories going into your body. This makes the calorie count irrelevant, focusing more on the grams of fat, mostly preferring low-fat foods. Once you have bought the book, the complete guide and manual on how to maintain the diet, you will find the charts that show the number of grams of different foods. It also comes with a fat substitution guide that shows how to find a low-fat alternative for a high-fat one.

Because this diet is also a near-manual guide to a healthier lifestyle and is marketed for the whole family, it also features a dedicated children’s section, packed with healthy recipes, activity suggestions, and exercises for both adults and children.

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This diet is also very easy to follow as it comes with clear instructions and diet plans for two groups. One is for those who want to lose weight fast while the other is for those who don’t want to be too drastic. It’s easy to follow as it tells you more about what to do, such as: B. Eat more good foods than fatty ones, which you can easily spot with all the charts included in the book. Additionally, it’s not too depressing and boring as it doesn’t count every drop of calories you eat at every meal.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy with the T-factor diet as long as you fully adhere to it and have a really good grasp of the principles.

Thanks to Harold McDaniels

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