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The Bach Flower Remedies – Natural Remedy or Quackery?

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Long before dr. Edward Bach discovered and developed his Bach flowerssaid Plato:

“The healing of the part should not be attempted without treating the whole. No attempt should be made to heal the body without the soul, and if the mind and body are to be healthy you must begin by healing the spirit. . Because that is the great mistake of our time in the treatment of the human body, that doctors first separate the soul from the body.”

-Plato, The Republic

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Science has long tried to separate the human soul from the human body. It denies the mere existence of the soul, and this point of view is evident in the training of medical personnel in most parts of the world. Every medical student is trained to believe that a strictly scientific approach is the only valid approach and anything else is just quackery, treating practitioners of naturopathy, homeopathy, reflexology (and other therapies that are more metaphysical than scientific) as witches, charlatans and snakes be damned. oil salesman.

I can’t deny that there are people who take advantage of humans to practice hocus-pocus and tricks. However, this applies equally to both sides of the treatment debate. Think of the number of scientifically trained Western medical professionals found guilty of all sorts of misconduct and fraud on a daily basis. Let’s be very clear – science is big business. Just try to contradict some genuinely held scientific belief and watch the moneymen spring into action.

Science, in its own way, is as much a religion as any other. It requires its adherents to make leaps of faith to fill gaps in empirical knowledge and reject any evidence that conflicts with the ideology. Sounds like a definition of a religion to me.

Today, many of our wars are fought with spin doctors, ad agencies, the media and lawyers as soldiers in a battle for the sanity and money of the average consumer. If they have your brains, they have your money. That is why the advertising business GIGANTIC.

The scientific approach separates the symptoms from the patient and discards as invalid what does not fit into a purely scientific framework.

(What you can’t see and can’t prove doesn’t exist. Right?) Not correct!

dr Edward Bach was a very highly qualified doctor; Harley Street consultant and bacteriologist who believed that standard medical theory did not go far enough in treating the individual. What was needed was a ‘holistic’ Approach to treating each person and not just treating the symptoms as if they were “standalone” components.

In 1930 he gave up his lucrative medical practices to work full-time on the development of a range of herbal and flower-based remedies aimed at restoring harmony between the soul, mind and body. He said:

“Health is our heritage, our right. It is the full and complete union of soul, mind and body; and this is not a difficult, far-off ideal to attain, but one so simple and natural that many of us have overlooked it.” .

– dr Edward Bach

dr Bach developed The Bach Flowers in the 1930s to assist a person’s fight against ill health by alerting and dealing with melancholy, anxiety, suffering, fear and other emotional factors that are the fundamental cause of ill health, illness and disease.

By 1936, Dr. Edward Bach discovered 39 remedies, 38 of which were intended for a specific emotional and mental state, with his 39th remedy being a combination of five of the remedies designed for complex and stressful situations, which he called “Rescue Remedy”.

The remedies are designed to stimulate our self-healing mechanism, causing it to swing into battle fully engaged and fully armed to ward off disease and ailments.

You do not have to be ill to use the remedies. Everyone goes through times of difficulty, stress, and fatigue when you allow negativity to creep in and overwhelm you. The Bach Flowers are very successful in restoring balance before physical symptoms appear and are particularly helpful for those who feel generally tired and groggy without an accurate medical diagnosis.

There are no scientific papers or clinical studies that I could find that deal with its effectiveness The Bach Flowers. What I can tell you, however, are the many thousands of anecdotal testimonies from people who have used or are currently using the flower remedies. I can also offer personal statements.

I was skeptical of natural and/or metaphysical approaches and practices. Even now I am suspicious of many esoteric practices. However, I have Bach flowers On testing and after two weeks of using the remedy I was prescribed, I noticed a tremendous improvement in my emotional response and general well-being. I can only report from my personal experiences. I’m including those now Bach flowers in my personal medicine cabinet along with the scientific community’s headache pills.

In summary, the tug-of-war between the ideology of the scientific approach, which rejects everything but the symptoms, on the one hand, and those who desire a more holistic approach to treating the individual as more than just a collection of symptoms, on the other hand, is a constant, dissonant rumbling in the belly of mankind, occasionally erupting in skirmishes and wars.

My suggestion is: do some research The Bach Flowers for yourself. Either way, don’t get brainwashed, do your own research, talk to those who have personal stories to tell, and make up your own mind. And finally try them out.

Treat the whole person or treat the symptoms? You decide.

Thanks to Cyndee Cavanagh

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