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This is how you tell your partner that you are not satisfied with sex

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There is more and more talk of sexual empowerment. That is…

  1. To know what you like in terms of enjoyment
  2. Ask for it
  3. Say it openly and without fear

But how do you get it? How do you get to this point?

The fear of saying what one wants, of being able to talk about sex, of being ashamed, of prioritizing the wishes of the other is widespread in our society. We refer to this often female sexuality, we think it’s more like women, but it’s not.

Both men and women suffer from this blockage and discomfort; sometimes I’ve heard extreme situations like the fear of telling your partner that you don’t like the way they kiss you after 8 years of relationship.

Fix sex

It is impossible that we like everything they do to us, that we fit perfectly with the partner on an intimate level, so it is best to communicate from the beginning if possible in order to create a positive dynamic in the area of ​​sexual communication.

It is important to have naturalness and comfort in this room in order to connect and enjoy, but we need to be clear about when and how to say things. Assertiveness during sex is important to avoid misunderstandings and cause emotional damage, it is a very delicate aspect.

During the meetings, we can ask specific requests, guide the stimulation and say no when we don’t like something, but if we need to go deeper, it is better to do so in a relaxed moment and, over time, show what is necessary .

How can you express and ask yourself during sex?

Fix sex

The first step is to know what we like and what we don’t. When you have doubts about your feelings or question your tastes or sensations, it is impossible to position yourself confidently in front of others. Hence, you need to explore your own sexuality.

The second point is to have self-esteem and feel good about yourself. If there is uncertainty, this leads to a blockage in expressing needs. First, you need to feel personal security to empower yourself and show what you want without fear.

The next step is to identify the ideal moment and the way in which we are conveying it. In addition to reflecting on our own thoughts, we also need to empathize and assess how we can expose them without hurting the other or attacking their feelings. Of course we cannot control how the other live it and how it is received by the other, but we have to cope with the part that depends on ourselves.

And the last point is to assess whether the other person welcomes our needs when there is a positive attitude and how that translates into intimacy later on. There may be times when the experience is positive, there is a match and there are changes in sexuality that create a better coupling, or the other may create a block and rejection. In this case, it is best to understand the reason first and assess how best to deal with it.

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