Treatment of Mesothelioma Pain

Treatment of Mesothelioma Pain

Malignant mesothelioma is a disease that usually has no symptoms early in the course of the disease. In many cases, the asbestos position causing the disease could have been 30 to 60 years earlier. Mesothelioma begins to develop when the asbestos fibers are embedded in the lungs and scar tissue around asbestos fibers. But the patient does not recognize any formation of scar tissue, since it does not cause significant mesothelioma pain.
Since the fiber accumulates in large amounts scar tissue and that cancer tumors begin to accumulate in the mesothelium, large amounts of fluid begin to accumulate. This excess fluid known as pleural effusion name causes much of the pain with mesothelioma. Pain in the chest due to pressure and pain during coughing is caused by fluid accumulation.

Tumor growth can also cause pain, while tumors press against nerves and other organs. If a patient suffering from this mesothelioma pain, he must report it to a doctor. There is absolutely no need to endure the pain when remedies are available to make patients more comfortable.

Some anti-cancer treatments can help alleviate the mesothelioma pain. In some cases, tumors can be removed or progression reduced. Moreover, the liquid can be discharged to eliminate the pressure caused by the accumulation. In addition to the direct treatment of cancer tumors, there are also special tools for pain therapy that may be useful. The patient should ask the doctor the direct treatment of pain.

If the patient does not have severe pain, the doctor can suggest counter medications such as aspirin or naproxen.

However, if the mesothelioma pain is chronic, stronger drugs can be needed to control pain.


Analgesics Family of opioids (drugs with morphine-like effect) is highly effective in relieving pain associated with cancer and these types of medications are often prescribed by doctors for patients with cancer.

Types of opioids


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