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Six Week Body Makeover – Body Type D

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The 6 Week Body Makeover Meal Plan is broken down into five different body types. This article will focus on body type “D” as the nutritional plan for this body is quite unique. D people are allowed to eat more red meat. The other body types are only allowed to eat lean protein and seafood. The reason D bodies can eat beef is because red meat actually helps build muscle for that specific body type.

People classified as “D” body types have very sluggish metabolisms and lack muscle mass. This packs a double punch when it comes to fat loss. Muscle burns fat and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn throughout the day. This is similar to Atkin’s approach, however this meal plan is less restrictive when it comes to what type of carbs you can consume. First off, if you’re a D, you shouldn’t eat sweet fruit, sugar, and white bread. Complex carbohydrates are good for these body types (in moderation). Some complex carbohydrates included in the diet are potatoes, squash, and low-sugar fruits like grapefruit.

An example of a Michael Thurmond Diet dinner for a body type D is a grilled New York steak, garlic roasted potatoes, and a green salad. An example breakfast would be 4 ounces. Egg white & 1 cup oatmeal or steak & egg white. The eggs can be scrambled with diced tomatoes and basil. You can use lean sirloin steak and add grilled Maui onions for flavor.

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