Useful Tips for French Manicures

Useful Tips for French Manicures

The popularity of the French manicure is undeniable. Maybe it’s because of the versatility that is offered by a French manicure. They allow you to have groomed and polished looking hands without having to worry about picking a color. Picking a color is one of my least favorite things about getting a manicure, especially at a nail salon. I always end up picking a color that I don’t like once it’s on my nails. Then I either have to live with the unfortunate color or embarrassedly ask the manicurist to change the color. That’s the beauty of a French manicure. There really aren’t that many decisions to be made. Sure you may have to choose between white and off white for your tips, or possibly have to choose between blush and beige for the base color; compared to having to choose between wild orchid or pink palm, that decision is for amateurs.

Another great think about the French manicure is that it usually lasts longer than a traditional manicure with color, if only because it shows fewer chips and imperfections. Also, I like that I don’t have to think too much about the color of my nail polish when choosing my outfits. Nothing is worse than having someone point out that my hot pink polish clashes with coral dress.

Now that I’ve sold you on the great art of French manicures, I will have to tell you that it is more difficult to give yourself a French manicure than it is to just paint your fingernails one solid color. I do have a quick fix as an alternative. If I am in a hurry, but still want my nails to look great. I will dig my fingernails into a bar of dove or ivory soap. Really and white soap will do just fine. Then, I wash my hands thoroughly. The soap really helps to whiten the tips of my nails. Lastly, I will quickly apply a clear coat of polish. The affects are not quite the same as taking the time to do an actual French manicure, but it works in a pinch.

Now if I have more time on my hands, I will give myself an at home French manicure. It’s not as great as getting one in a salon, but still a treat nonetheless. First I will soak my hands and scrub them well with an exfoliating scrub. Next I will trim and shape the nails. Then I will apply a base coat of polish to my nails.

When attempting to paint the tip of my nails, I have tried a couple of different things. In the past I have used those tape strips that you can buy in a French manicure kit. They don’t seem to work for me. When I peel the tape off, half the time the polish comes off with it. The other half of the time I find out that I have managed to paint underneath the tape. I’ve found that the thing that works best is to use a super thin brush, like an eyeliner brush. Next, I just take my time and apply a very light thin strip to the tips of my nail. After allowing the tips to dry, it’s time to apply the pink or beige top coat. Lastly, I apply a clear chip proof top coat to my new French manicure.


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