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Using Ayurvedic Treatments For Insomnia

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Ayurveda is an ancient traditional medicine found mainly in India and other nearby countries. It refers to the knowledge of longevity and believes in maintaining equal life forces in order to attain a long and healthy life.
Ayurvedic principles
Ayurvedic principles are concerned with maintaining balance and harmony in your body. Your whole system forms a constitution called Prakriti. Ayurveda practitioners believe that your body is made up of five main elements including air, water, ether, fire and earth. Each individual possesses a unique quality of life forces or dosas.
There are three life forces or energies that you must uphold and maintain throughout your life such as:
· Vata dosas
· Pitta dose
· Kapha doses
Imbalances in the Doas in our bodies can lead to dysfunction and disease. The accumulation or excessive amount of dosas indicates a change in diet and lifestyle to balance vital forces. In the event of toxicity, a cleanse, also known as pancha karma, is necessary to remove the toxin from your system.
Ayurveda practitioners base their diagnosis and treatment on the imbalance of three vital forces. They diagnose a patient using their five senses to assess the physical and mental manifestation of imbalances.
Application of Ayurvedic principles
Ayurvedic medicine emphasizes the importance of balance and harmony to maintain vitality. Suppressing your natural urges can lead to any disease, but fulfilling your urges should be kept at a moderate level. Ayurvedic medicine uses a wide range of herbal medicines, special diets, massage, exercise and meditation to help maintain balance. They believe that the suppression of any disease is possible with the help of the environment and not through conventional methods such as surgery, powerful drugs and stem cells.
In addition, Ayurveda sees insomnia and anxiety as problems in the Vata Doas. Still, some studies suggest that some imbalances in pitta doas and kapha doas can pose health challenges that can lead to sleep disorders and anxiety. Ayurveda believes that the following conditions could be the cause of insomnia:
· Presence of toxins in the blood
· Poor food intake
· Slow or rapid digestion
· Imbalance in the nervous system
· Presence of stress and anxiety
· Altered immune function and resistance to disease
· Disturbed biological sleep rhythm
Some of these manifestations include upset stomach, breathing problems, asthma, hormonal imbalance and slow metabolism. These health conditions can alter your daily functioning and sleep patterns, which in turn can contribute to your sleep deprivation or insomnia.
Ayurveda helps each individual deal with stress, sleep deprivation and anxiety through the help of herbal remedies such as:
· Celery
· Passion flower
Safety and effectiveness are a concern of Ayurvedic medicine. Some studies suggest that herbs containing potent components can lead to toxicity. As with any drug or drug, abuse and overdose can be a major problem in Ayurvedic medicine. The safest solution is to discuss everything with your Ayurvedic practitioner when it comes to health issues, dosage and drug interactions.
Other alternative Ayurvedic medicines include exercise and meditation such as yoga and deep breathing. Meditation and exercise are usually a surefire way to balance your physical, mental, and spiritual state. Ayurveda believes that there is a connection between body, mind and spirit. Incorporating meditation regularly into your daily activities can improve a sleep pattern that allows you to get a good nights sleep. It eliminates the daily stress, anxiety and worries that could be at the root of your insomnia.
A special Ayurvedic diet will help you choose foods that favor your condition. Foods that are easy to digest and nutritious clean your blood and boost your immunity to disease.

Therefore, Ayurveda believes in your body’s inner natural ability to heal your sleep disorders. It is your natural response to any illness in any given situation. This holistic approach can be your advantage against the manipulation and toxicity of conventional medicine to prevent and restore health. It is an alternative way to combat your insomnia naturally and effectively.

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