Weight Loss Strategies That Work Ex-Fatman’s Blog

Weight Loss Strategies That Work Ex-Fatman’s Blog

This series of articles is written for smart and determined people who don’t need another “miracle” regimen, but really want to get their body back in shape.

We will share with you the secrets of my own weight loss system that helped me lose many pounds. If you’ve really decided to go through this program, you really need to be self-disciplined, persistent and strong-willed to keep following all the instructions and doing it right.

Our thoughts are material. If you have set yourself a clear goal and go towards it, no matter what comes your way, then your body will adapt to it. For example, if you really want to lose weight, your body will produce the right kind of hormones and enzymes that destroy body fat deposits and reduce your cravings for food.

The way to the dream body begins with finding a goal and motivation. Motivation is extremely important for everyone because it is the key to success in anything. There are people who manage to stick to the same diet for years, but their results are different. Those who have really shed those pesky extra pounds and changed beyond recognition admit that their motivation has always been rock solid.

The main goals of the first stage are to normalize bowel movements and increase the protein absorption quotient, since protein is the most important element in maintaining your muscle mass. To do this, we need to temporarily unburden the intestines by limiting protein and fat intake to a minimal physiological norm. After that, we need to stimulate intestinal activity with the help of fiber and also normalize the balance of bifidobacteria, which facilitate protein absorption.

nutritional properties

Many people think it is easier to convert someone to another religion than to convince them to change their eating habits. In the first phase, you need to lay the foundation for your full-fledged diet.

Let’s start by drastically reducing the consumption of meat and fish to the lowest physiological norm. In addition, we mainly use vegetable oils to balance intestinal activity and increase the protein absorption coefficient. But you shouldn’t do without proteins and fats at all! Your total protein intake should not be less than 50 g per day!

Physical activities
On the first stage, the main activity should be walking. Walking is an aerobic type of exercise. It works best when done in the morning. Drink a glass of water before walking. You should do it on an empty stomach. If you go for a walk in the evening, do not eat anything for at least an hour before the exercise.

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