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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Remedies?

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Herbal remedies are also becoming increasingly popular in our generation, where everything seems to be ruled by science. Herbal remedies or herbal medicine may be the first thing we try when we realize something is wrong with our system, such as: B. Coughs and colds. There are also times when we use herbs as a last resort, for example after taking too many fat burning pills.

We also use various herbal remedies for more serious ailments from ulcers and kidney stones to reproductive problems and even as a cure for cancer. Some doctors even recommend the use of herbal medicines – medically tested herbal medicines. Not all herbal remedies are beneficial and conducive to our health. Some have no effect at all, while others can do even more damage.

It is better if you consult your doctor first before randomly picking leaves from your garden and brewing tea from them. As I said earlier, some cannot help you improve your health and may even make you ill. There are also many herbal plants that are not safe for humans. Anyway, in this article we will list the pros and cons of using herbal medicines or remedies.

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They have all natural ingredients

Yes, not all herbal remedies are picked from outside your garden, but most herbal products, even those that are commercially available, are made entirely from natural ingredients. These herbal medicines in the form of pills or tablets are guaranteed to contain ingredients extracted from the plant itself or from any of its parts that contain the most important components.

Since an herbal medicine is created from nature, there is a high probability that it will not have any drastic negative effects on your body. However, there might be a few pharmaceutical companies that mix some synthetic chemicals into the herbal pills, but they are added to enhance the effects. Otherwise, before you buy any herbal medicine, do your research and make sure it’s approved by state health officials.

They give minimal side effects

Most herbal medicines don’t have any unwanted side effects because they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Instead, as mentioned above, they mostly contain harmless compounds found in nature. Herbal medicines are also less potent compared to chemical medicines.

You are also less likely to develop an allergic reaction to an herbal medicine. Just make sure that the herbal medicine you use is one hundred percent natural ingredients and you’re safe. However, if allergies have always been a problem no matter what you take, it’s wiser to consult your doctor first before heading to the health food store.

They cost significantly less

This is one of the most obvious benefits of using herbal remedies. They are way cheaper (and I mean, way!) compared to their synthetic and man-made counterparts. The reason they are lower is because herbal medicines use natural ingredients and don’t need to contain chemicals, which are more expensive than herbs.

Herbal remedies are also very easily available. You can plant a specific medicinal plant in your own garden and backyard. In case you need to use them, you just have to prepare them in your kitchen. You even saved yourself a trip to the health food store!


Their effects may take a while before you see and feel them

But like everything else we have in this world, herbal medicines also have some negative aspects. Regular users of herbal remedies and medications may have to agree with me that most herbal treatments take a long time to become fully effective. Waiting for a herbal medicinal product to take effect requires a lot of patience!

On the other hand, this is not because the herb or any of its ingredients are ineffective. They’re just as effective, but, especially if you’ve bought 100% natural medicines, they don’t contain the synthetic chemicals that are sometimes added to speed up the herb’s effects.

Some are not safe to use

As I have said before, some herbs are not that safe for human ingestion and use. Some herbs may have no effect on our health, while others may even cause illness and disease due to their toxic content. Some of the herbs that are toxic and should be taken under professional supervision are borage, sweet flag, comfrey, chaparral, and even the relatively innocent licorice.

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