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Herbal Thyroid Treatment – What Are Your Options?

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Herbal thyroid treatment is an alternative that some natural health care providers are using with success. In traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, the oldest naturopathic traditions in the world, herbs play an important role in supporting the body’s health. Modern research has now largely confirmed this traditional wisdom.

Thyroid function affects many different bodily processes. So when it’s not working properly, it can cause many different symptoms and negatively impact overall health. Of the three main types of thyroid problems are an underactive thyroid, an overactive thyroid, and an enlarged thyroid; Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) is the most common.

Conventional medicine uses synthetic hormones, drugs, surgery, and radiation to directly alter thyroid function. The herbal thyroid treatment works more holistically and takes into account all aspects of body and mind.

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The alternative thyroid treatment supports the body’s own ability to balance and heal. Natural health care providers such as naturopaths and herbalists are trained in knowing the healing properties of different herbs and using them for various health issues, often in conjunction with other things like diet and lifestyle adjustments.

Depending on the thyroid problem, different herbs are of course used. For hypothyroidism, the herbs green oats, makandi and seaweed are helpful. Like calming herbs Lemon Balm, Motherwort and Bugleweed are used in the problem of an overactive thyroid gland.

As previously mentioned, dietary adjustments can be an additional tactic that can be employed with herbs to increase benefits. Good digestion is fundamental to the health and balance of the body. Switching from highly processed foods to natural and organic foods can be a step in the right direction. Replacing processed cooking oils with virgin coconut or olive oil can also be a real help for thyroid problems.

Herbal thyroid treatment may be able to address your problems in a gentler way that may not require the more drastic conventional treatments such as surgery, radiation, or hormone replacement.

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