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What Are the Causes and Predisposing Factor for Osteoarthritis?

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Osteoarthritis has long been hypothesised to be a caused by wear and tear in the joint. However, through scientific research, it has been proven that it is a disease of the joint. Same as other diseases, osteoarthritis has its causes and predisposing factor that increases the chances of a person to get the disease.

Predisposing factor s for osteoarthritis

Bone deformities_ it is one of the predisposing factors for osteoarthritis. When one is born with a joint abnormality, it increases the chances of the deformed joint to get osteoarthritis.  Children with deformed joint tend to get osteoarthritis at an early age more than usual. Such people also get the higher severity of osteoarthritis attack.

Genetics- certain gene traits are transmitted from generation to generation which increases the chances of one to get osteoarthritis. Even though scientists have not found which specific genes are responsible, the genes relating to collagen a vital protein component of cartilage is considered to be the one affected. The trait affects the production of the cartilage, and this predisposes a person to osteoarthritis as early as 20years old. The nodal osteoarthritis is another form of osteoarthritis that is genetically transferred.


Some occupation results in a lot of movement while carrying heavy loads or standing for a long time.  The activities strain the joint by either increasing wear and tear of the cartilage but also increase weakening of the muscle. This can result to osteoarthritis in later years.

Joint injuries-

Frequent injury of the joint which can destroy part of the joint structure can result to osteoarthritis in the later years of the patient. Injury harm the cartilage and muscles that support joint and once injured they can increase wear and tear that result to osteoarthritis.


obesity result from an increase in weight. The additional weight of the person increases the pressure that is exerted in the joints and in turn increase the rate at which the tendons wear. Obesity too has been associated with an increase in fat deposit in the body. The fat increases the production of cytokines that are a precursor of damaging the joints.


Gender is another predisposing factor for osteoarthritis.  The osteoarthritis of some joints such as hands and the knee are more common and severe in women as compared to men. They are thus more like to get osteoarthritis.

Old age-

the age is considered as the main predisposing factor osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis affects more of the people with an of over 40 years. The older people get, their body are not able to heal fast, and there is an increase in wear and tear that explain the increase in osteoarthritis.

Other diseases-

many diseases affect the joints.  When they severely of the attack is high, it could result to osteoarthritis of the affected joint.

The factors discussed are the main predisposing factors for osteoarthritis.  There are others which are minor but have presents high risks to getting osteoarthritis.

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