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Healthy Diet For Osteoarthritis Management

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Healthy diet is important for the people who live with osteoarthritis. Even so, no specific diet has been found to cure osteoarthritis, but some of the food helps in the osteoarthritis management.

How Healthy Diet can help manage body weight

The primary association between healthy diet and osteoarthritis is weight management. Weight have an impact on the joint as it exerts pressure. Increase in weight increases the severity of pain that the patient feels. A healthy diet for osteoarthritis management is very important as it plays a role in reducing weight and in maintaining the body weight. The loss of weight involves reducing on the daily uptake of calories that increased the body weight. A diet that is free of sugar and low-fat content is recommended. Eating food that facilitates the breakdown of fat in the body help reduce the body weight. Fat is not healthy for osteoarthritis patients. Apart from its role in increasing the body weight, it is metabolically active. Fat metabolism result to releasing of some component that increases inflammation. The component thus has a detrimental effect on the joints.

Some of the strategies of reducing body weight include eating balance diet food but in a small portion.

Anti-inflammatory food

One of the main effects of osteoarthritis is inflammation that is a source of pain when the joint moves. Eating anti-inflammatory food help in reducing free radicles that are responsible for the swelling of the joints. The free radicles attack the synovium which is an important component of the joint movement hence anti-inflammatory food are good in osteoarthritis management

From research, it has been shown that diet rich in fruits and vegetables play a vital role in reducing inflammation and pain in joints. This is through its role of eliminating radicals from the body. Fruits are rich in vitamins especially vitamin c. Vitamin c is an antioxidant and crucial for the development of the cartilage. Reduction in vitamin c can result to weakened cartilage which can lead to worsening of osteoarthritis symptoms. Some of the fruits of importance include bell papers, raspberries, strawberries, citrus and tropical fruits.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids is another healthy diet component for osteoarthritis management. It works on reducing inflammation-causing cytokines and enzymes that break down cartilage through suppression of their production. Food rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids includes fish, walnuts and flaxseeds.

Mineral rich foods

Mineral salts are very important in body development. Calcium is one of the minerals that ensures healthy bones and fast healing of damaged bones. Calcium works well in conjunction with vitamin D. They ensure the strength of the joint is attained. Some of the food rich in calcium includes seafood, fish, fruit juices and milk products.

Healthy diet
Healthy diet

Many other essential nutrients are vital to the body and in helping the body recovery. They include the herbal medicine; nutrients supplement among others. It’s important to manage what one eats to ensure it is a healthy diet for osteoarthritis management. A healthy diet also ensures protection from other diseases that may indirectly impact on the joints.

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