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What to do when the relationship is great but the sex is not?

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Time has passed, the relationship is great, but your sex life is no longer satisfying? Don’t give up because it is possible to turn the situation around. When both are ready, a few tips can help deepen the intimacy. We have listed some suggestions, see below:

Use the intimacy you’ve built


Instead of trying to go back to an earlier stage where everything was new and exciting, deepen the intimacy you already have. Give flowers, massage your feet, give praise.

Start with yourself


if she Wanting to bring sexuality back into a couple’s life start with you. It’s hard to be sexually attracted to your partner when you aren’t feeling right. Work on self-esteem. One tip is to relax. Sit or lie down on the floor, bed, or bathtub.

Pay attention to each part of your body, one at a time, and give it commands to relax. Go head to toe and take 10 to 15 minutes to relieve tension. Well worth going for a walk and dancing to your favorite music. Use positive affirmations like “I am a sexy woman”. Lock the door, get a mirror, and use the vibrator. Make the room more sensual with candles and music.

Your own rediscoveries will of course extend to the relationship. The aim is to give everyone the opportunity to get to know each other’s body, mind and heart anew as if for the first time. One of the challenges of conjugal intimacy is removing the feeling that you know everything about your partner.

Awaken the couple’s sexuality


The revival of sexuality requires the participation of both. If you are the one asking for renewal, speak positively. For example…

“I would like to work harder to improve our sex life.” Don’t even think about saying something like this: “Our Sex is boring, I can not stand it anymore.”

If the partner reacts hesitantly or negatively, try not to react. Before interpreting his lack of enthusiasm as something related to you and your body, consider whether he is stressed out at work, has recently suffered a loss, is sick, or worried. Let her know she’s ready to try when she’s ready.

After spending some sensual time together, you may want to take the opportunity to chat. Do not admit guilt, but express your wish. Touch him while speaking. Always with Tranquillity! The best way to start is with sensuality, not sexuality. Playing, kissing, exchanging tenderness. Imagine what would happen if you could go back on the first date and try to regain your initial feelings.

Escape from what doesn’t work


Some settings may seem like a good bet, but they just get in the way. Take a look below to see what definitely doesn’t work:

1- ignore problems. If they are not “treated” they will only get worse;

2 – Find happiness in marriage in the idea of ​​becoming good friends without sex. Of course, there may be times when one partner may be less interested in sexual intercourse (menopause, unemployment), but the ultimate elimination of the act can weaken the relationship unless a decision is made by both of them based on illness or some other reason. mutually acceptable;

3 – Have an affair. It can heighten feelings of abandonment or distrust that should already be there when sexuality is absent or not very present;

4 – Just add a little variety or novelty. Buying sexy lingerie, sex toys, or trying out new positions can temporarily bring fun and relief, but it can make the subsequent sexual break-in worse, especially if you feel pressured by the other.

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