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What’s more scary than Covid? Halloween health haikus

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Boo, that we couldn’t treat all readers who take part in our third annual KHN Halloween Haiku Contest to their moment of bloody glory. Their entries – like our healthcare system – ranged from terrifyingly complex to haunting. And based on a rating from our jury that never dies, here is the winner and a selection of the finalists. Also keep an eye on KHN’s social media accounts for more of our favorites. Enjoy!


The motel sign flashes ‘Vacancy For The Unvaxxed’ Norman Bates enters

– Carrie Moores (@carrielmoores)

Inspiration: In Maine, the paramedic vaccine mandate puts a strain on small town rescue workers


Silence from the Graves Marks Vaccine Resistance; Public Health Horror.

– Jean Gearing

Inspiration: Study: If more adults had been shot, 90,000 people would not have died since June

Candy, popcorn balls and a quick poke in the arm are this year’s treats for children.

– Bradley Steffens (@SteffensBradley)

Inspiration: Starting this week, states will be able to place Covid Shot orders for children ages 5-11

Billing Code for a Telemedicine Exorcism? Asking for a friend

– Joseph Reblando (@ReblandoPR)

Ghosts, globulins, rats! Lipoproteins and black cats! Skeletons, trans fats!

– Timothy Kelley

Social Media We Make All Monsters; Frankenstein lives on!

– Mark Fotheringham

Inspiration: US politicians, social media are the main source of misinformation, think Americans

When the bill came for my brief hospital stay, death seemed a lot cheaper

– Amanda

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