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Why The FDA Suppresses Natural Remedies and Cures

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The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was created to regulate the drugs and food products in America. By examining and regulating these consumables, the FDA controls what products come to market and what medicines doctors can prescribe to patients. Originally designed to protect the health of the consumer base, the FDA has grown into a larger entity in a federal government heavily influenced by large, wealthy corporations that constantly incite government officials to protect their interests. Since the FDA regulated drugs, one of the most profitable products in America, drug companies have spent millions of dollars getting their products to market. Because the FDA can only regulate drugs and cures that come from controlled areas (rather than nature), they issued a statement that only drugs and surgery can prevent and cure disease. As detailed in Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures, the FDA has managed to suppress all natural remedies and remedies by attempting to control drug consumption.

Although the FDA has a stated focus on protecting citizens, it manages to disregard all alternative natural medicines and remedies due to the administration and regulation of natural medicines. Natural medicines and remedies cannot be regulated or patented, and therefore the FDA cannot control the production value or consumption of the products. Because of this, the FDA cannot approve natural remedies for public use to cure or treat any disease or condition. Only pharmaceutical companies are able to regulate the manufacture of drugs and create a consistent product. By creating a homogenized product, the FDA can then regulate its use in the marketplace and approve those drugs for use by the general population. In this respect, the FDA manages to regulate the distribution of medicines, but also fails to recognize the potential of natural remedies and remedies. As explained in Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures, neglecting natural remedies and remedies only protects the pharmaceutical industry rather than providing consumers with the best possible cure for their condition.

As one of the largest and most prosperous industries in America, pharmaceutical companies create conditions in the FDA that only protect the pharmaceutical industry and not the public. Big pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars developing products that get through the doors of the FDA and into the hands of consumers. Whether or not these products require a prescription, these companies are interested in profit, not necessarily consumer health. After all, pharmaceutical companies are for-profit businesses that primarily benefit from the sale of their patented drugs. By influencing the FDA and government officials with lobbyists and drug research, these companies have managed to create an environment that allows only patented drugs to enter the realms of medical science and hospitals for use on patients. As a result, the FDA ultimately protects pharmaceutical companies’ profits, not consumer health. Kevin Trudeau explains in his book Natural Cures that the FDA is only interested in regulating drugs, leaving the consumer to defend their health. He further explains that since the FDA does not regulate consumer health, each individual is free to choose a remedy and remedy that suits the needs of the individual.

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