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4 Life Research – The Pros and Cons of the 4 Life Research Opportunity

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From a third-party perspective, 4 Life Research appears to be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs involved in network marketing. I’m always happy to see companies that boost the body’s immune system as it’s a great antidote to all the drugs being dispensed by western culture doctors these days.

The 4 Life products can be compared to human breast milk which is a tremendous immunity builder! And it’s not a new fly-by-night product, as there has been over 50 years of scientific research in this area.

If you are considering pursuing the 4 Life Research opportunity, you should weigh the pros and cons before taking the plunge…

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4 life research professionals:

– All 4 Life products have been patented, over 75 products contribute to wellbeing including pet and elder care

– 4 Life products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

– The commission structure is generous, the traditional MLM structure, allowing for commissions for both retail and others selling in your downline.

– There are great rewards and bonuses for top marketers, including vacation trips.

4 Life Research Disadvantages:

– The 4 Life products are not approved by the FDA. (As far as I’m concerned, this isn’t a problem, but it makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to approach doctors and vets.)

– As with most non-drug wellness products, they have long-term results so your clients cannot judge how well the products are helping.

– The wellness market is saturated, so many people tend to have a block when it comes to being open-minded about new MLM wellness products.

– In order to reach a successful income level, you need a minimum amount of total monthly sales to qualify for commissions and bonuses. As with any MLM, it takes a team of recruited representatives under you before you see any real income.

If you’re concerned about the “pyramid scheme” gossip, worry not because 4 Life Research is as valid a company as most. But like any MLM, you have to prepare yourself to work hard. Don’t believe the “hope” that if you only recruit two who recruit two, you’ll be set for life. The multilevel pros themselves can confirm that this doesn’t actually work. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

The main problem with marketing 4 Life Research is the same as most multi-level companies. You need a marketing system that can be duplicated. Because realistically, you have to reckon that 95% of the people you recruit into your downline will quit. That’s the stats. As a third-party vendor familiar with how network marketing companies work, I highly recommend online marketing.

Here’s Your 4 Life Research Blueprint for Online Marketing…

Step #1: Brand yourself as an expert.

Of course, you must first invest some time and money in the training yourself, because none of us are simply born experts! However, once you learn just a few key tips, you’ll have an edge over the guy who doesn’t know, so to him you’re the expert. You can easily brand yourself as an expert online if you set up a personal blog.

Step number 2: Promote your blog.

Surely this can’t surprise you… just like in any other business; You have to spend money to make money. However, if money matters to you, there are many methods available to you today with little upfront financial investment. And some techniques can be purchased with just a one-time fee. Personally, I prefer article marketing because once leads are generated, your link stays with Google without spending any additional money.

Step number 3: Build a relationship with your new leads.

As soon as the traffic builds up, the leads are available! The experienced network marketers use an automatic email responder system or “autoresponder”. This cost-effective tool instantly connects with leads via email. Marketing gets fun and exciting when you start seeing the autosponder messages in your email inbox letting you know you have leads!

Thanks to Nancy Harnell

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