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5 Ways to Improve Your Motivation to Exercise

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There is something very interesting about sport. Although we are in the information age, there is a lack of commonly available information about most things in life. For example, most of us would not easily access accurate information on how to install satellite television or how to read financial statements.

However, when it comes to exercise things are different, there is information everywhere and everyone knows how to exercise in some way. The lack of motivation to move shows that we are not doing what we know. We don’t do what we want either, because most of us really want to work out, but we don’t always do it. Of course, in order to play sports, we not only have to do what we know or want to do, but also what we are motivated to do. In this article, I would like to share with you some strategies that will help you motivate yourself to exercise.

(I) Have an idea of ​​your self-image

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The truth is that most of us have a certain idea of ​​how we would like to look. Some people were born thin, they imagine themselves thin and have accepted that self-image. Some people were born with some weight, they picture themselves that way and even buy clothes that fit that image. Most of the time we are not always aware of this.

I remember a time when my wife went 3 months without looking at her body in a mirror. Women can’t live without a mirror, she used a face mirror for some reason at that time, but not a full-length mirror. We went shopping. She looked at herself in a full-length mirror and realized that her body shape had changed because she had gained weight. She freaked out and yelled “Wow I’m fat”. I’m sure I was at home answering your most common question, “Do I look fat?” not honest with her.

It was true that my wife had gained weight. But what really bothered her was that her body was different than her ideal body shape or body weight. This bothered her and gave her enough motivation to start working out and losing excess fat within two weeks.

Without an idea of ​​our ideal body shape or weight, we are doomed to just pump food into our bodies and not make any effort to lose weight. I’m telling you this because I urge you to reevaluate your idea of ​​your ideal body weight before attempting the rest of the strategies I’m going to recommend in this article.

Some people want to be skinny but actually have a fat body image that is holding them back. These people buy clothes that fit that image and accept how they look. They subconsciously sabotage their efforts to lose weight. If you want to be skinny, thinking yourself skinny would help you. If you think you are fat, you may have trouble achieving weight loss. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t accept yourself for who you are. I say even if you thought you could have a vision of your healthy self image. If you simply accept yourself for who you are, you may want to change your self-image in terms of fitness or weight loss. This is great for your emotional well-being, but it won’t really help you achieve your fitness goals either. If you accept yourself with a belly, then why do you want a flat stomach?

(II) Worry less about your body comfort

The main reason people don’t exercise is that they prefer the physical comfort over the pain of exercise. Physical wellbeing is detrimental in the long term as it leads to a sedentary lifestyle. So the more you pay attention to your physical well-being, the more you will expose your body to the physical stress of exercise.

Ironically, you’ll find that as soon as you start exercising, even though your body is taxed during exercise, you find joy in exercising. People who have overcome their need for physical comfort and pushed themselves to exercise feel uncomfortable after a few days of not exercising. They feel unacceptably weird when they haven’t run, or biked, or lifted weights.

The first hurdle to overcome before reaching the level where exercise becomes a “must” rather than a “should” is letting go of physical comfort. Constantly argue in your mind against your body when it seeks comfort. Of course, your body will seek comfort. Your job is to push against your body and subject yourself to the physical stress of the workout. Don’t think of your mind and body as one. Your body will seek solace, but reason with your mind and remember your training goals.

(III) Exercise for one hour every day

If your day isn’t marked for exercise, chances are you’ll never exercise. To exercise, you have to have an hour in your day that you want to exercise no matter what. Clear the practice session and don’t let anything disturb you. If you were going to run and it’s raining, don’t spend the training session watching a series on TV, but doing home exercises. Don’t let anything stand between you and the practice session.

(IV) Forget the rules of fitness, do what you like

As I said earlier, there is too much information about exercise. It’s easy to get caught up in what many experts think exercise should be. What I’ve learned in life is that things aren’t done according to set rules. Things get done when we are having fun and excited.

Forget what other people think exercise should be like. What are you into exactly? Do you like running, walking, cycling or kickboxing? Whatever you like, let that be your exercise.

Once you get into the swing of things and move away from a sedentary lifestyle, you can spice things up a bit and get formalities done. The reason most of us learned to ride a bike successfully at a young age, even though falls were painful, was because we did what we wanted to do. Do what you like when it comes to training to overcome what you experience as pain when you train.

(v) Don’t eat for taste

To stay motivated, you need to see results. Muscle building or weight loss or toned body. If you don’t see results, you’re probably giving up.

To see results, you need to eat well. Remember, if you want to lose weight or gain muscle, 80% of your workout results depend on your diet and 20% on your physical effort.

I have set you up so that you are motivated enough to make an effort. Don’t let the diet undo what you’ve done.

Most people fail when it comes to nutrition because they eat to taste. When it comes to taste, most of us would agree that KFC beats a steamed vegetable dish. So when we eat by taste, we risk failure because most healthy foods don’t taste as good as junk food. Unless your wife is a great cook or you have a professional chef in the house.

To see the results of your workout, eat for the nutrition in your body. Tolerate the bitter taste of vegetables or whatever your vegetarian diet is. Diet plans fail when we eat to taste because we soon find that we can’t resist the taste of a birthday cake. Commit to eating differently because nutrition tastes better. Occasionally, you can thank them with a small piece of your favorite delicious meal.

Remember to stay inspired, remove all obstacles standing in the way of your success and don’t you dare give up on yourself or your dreams.

Thanks to Phillip Ramphisa

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