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A Healthy Diet and Stretch Mark Creams Can Keep Your Skin Supple, Smooth, and Strong

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Striae markings have the unfortunate quality of appearing at any time in our lives. This means that you should take proper care of your skin to keep these spots from forming. It also means that you have to deal with any time in your life where you may be losing or gaining a lot of weight.

There are 3 moments in your life when you should be ready to fight streaks: growth spurts during puberty, severe weight loss or weight gain, and pregnancy. There are certain aspects of these situations that you can and cannot control, but you can develop a skincare routine that will keep your skin supple enough to withstand excessive stretching.

Growth spurts and striae marks

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Nobody knows when a child will go through a growth spurt. In this case, it is important to do everything possible to promote healthy skin. This is primarily done by eating a healthy diet and using a skin care product or cream for stretch marks to strengthen the skin.

Weight Issues & Striae Marks

These marks are most often associated with weight more than any other situation. The truth is, not all people who gain or lose a lot of weight struggle with striae. But if one or both of your parents have stretch marks, chances are you will too, regardless of your weight concerns.

To reduce your chances of getting these signs due to weight issues, it’s important that you maintain a healthy, high-fiber diet. High-fiber foods give you a sense of satisfaction from eating less.

Stretch mark creams can also help prevent and get rid of blemishes caused by excessive stretching of the skin. At-home microdermabrasion creams are also used by some people to gradually remove striae marks.

Pregnancy & stretch marks

Pregnancy is the one moment in life when most women allow themselves to eat to their heart’s content, however, eating more than 300 extra calories a day can lead to permanent weight gain. Try to stick to healthy foods and avoid junk food.

Using a stretch mark cream during pregnancy can keep your skin supple and minimize the chance of developing them Stretch marks. This can also help you prevent the appearance of stretch marks after childbirth.

Microdermabrasion systems and creams are also great choices for new moms. They can be used at any time of the day and as often as needed.

Thanks to Kathy Reed Roberts

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