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Allied Health Professions Council 2021 – Ghana

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The Allied Health Professions Council is the statutory body inveterated by an Act of Parliament (Act 857, 2013) to regulate, supervise and control the training, practice and other related matters of Allied Health Professions in Ghana. As part of its ratification, the Council is responsible for permitting Professional Accreditation for all Allied Health Programmes.

The objective of the Allied Health Professions Council:

The Council is responsible for ensuring the highest standard in the practice of allied health professions in Ghana.

Functions of the Allied Health Professions Council:

1. Regulate the standard of services for the practice of allied health professions;
2. Ensure that the standard of study and training in a recognized institution is maintained;
3.Set practice standards of proficiency and conduct for allied health professionals;
4. Register practitioners;
5. Monitor and inspect allied health facilities in collaboration with the health facilities regulatory agency;
6. Facilitate continuing professional development of practitioners;
7. Determine, in consultation with the appropriate educational institutions, courses of instruction and practical training for allied health professionals;
8. Determine and implement post registration continuing education and continuing professionals development programmes for practitioners;
9. Ensure that the education and training of allied health practitioners and other allied healthcare providers are carried out at approved educational institutions;
10. Advise the Minister on matters relating to allied health practice;
11. Conduct licensing examination for the registration of allied health professionals; and
12. Perform any other functions that are ancillary to the object of the Council.


In pursuant to Section 5 & 14 of the Health Professions Regulatory Bodies Act, 857 (Part One) of
2013, the annual list of persons registered and licensed as Allied Health Professionals as gazetted
on May 10, 2018

Employing Agencies and the general public are hereby reminded that under Section 21 (b, c, d, &
j), it is an offense liable to summary conviction to engage the services of an unlicensed person to
practice as an Allied Health Professional. Accordingly, Employing Agencies and the general
public are advised to demand a valid PIN Card issued by the Council before engaging the services
of any practitioner.

On behalf of the Allied Health Professions Council

Acting Registrar
Dr. Samuel Yaw Opoku



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