We all live in a world where your worst pain is caused by the one you love most. Your greatest betrayal will come from your closest friend and your biggest discouragement will come from people of your own family.

The world is not fair they say, yes it is not and it will never be. But God is just. The one who has the final say in every situation is just. He will judge in your favour if only you will do what He says. Love people.

*Friend, people are bad,yes they have always been. But love them. Remember the number of times you have failed God and how He still loves you.*

So Dear One, just love them. Let them gossip about you, let them betray you, but still love them. Let them insult you, but love them. Leave everything to God, and see how God judges everything in your favour.

*He did it for Joseph,He did it for David, He did it for Daniel and He did it for Jesus. He will do it for you too.*

God Loves You and He will ensure you have the last laugh at the end. Just Be Like Him; Love People

Stay Blessed
*☆Daniel Boadi Ameyaw☆*

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