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Best Herbs and Spices for Mindfulness

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Fresh Organic Calendula is a very powerful herb used by many people to activate innate healing powers. It repairs a person’s aura and brings energetic protection and healing. It’s available in ready-to-use tea bags, especially for that instant generation that doesn’t have time to prepare the herb.

Chamomile is a savory herb known to attract abundance. When you take the herb in whatever form, you will be more relaxed and receptive to the universe due to increased awareness. Chamomile helps you lower your logical alertness and thus be more receptive to your spiritual environment, leading to a stress-free life.

Go with ginger if you want to get rid of anger and frustration. Experience a relaxed state of mind without resentment. Ginger tea provides a balanced state of mind to face your challenging day.

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The ruby ​​red hibiscus infusion has an activating effect on your sensitive side. This allows you to choose your subtle energies and helps know when to act or move on. By showing yourself the sensitive side, you forgive more and understand more, which brings you closer to those around you as you pay more attention to their feelings.

Nothing relaxes the mind quite like lavender, in whatever form it is taken. It can be used before meditation to invoke psychic visions and activate your intuition. With lavender you will experience a deeper spiritual understanding and shed fears associated with embracing your spiritual gifts.

To prevent delays and distractions, consider consuming the lesser-known lemongrass. Taking it in the form of a cup of tea or using its essential oil will give you mental clarity to accomplish what you are working on. Aside from increasing mindfulness, lemongrass sharpens your focus on specific tasks.

If you need to reset your mind and recharge your batteries when you’re exhausted, nettle tea is the herb to go for. It is both nourishing for your body and provides energy to help you cope with situations.

Powerful peppermint comes into play for inspiration and motivation. It clears your solar plexus and provides balance that boosts your self-esteem and confidence.

No herb induces as much mindfulness as the rose. This ancient herb can be taken in the form of tea to make you very aware of what you are saying so that every word you say has an essence of love. It helps you be an inspiration with your words instead of gossiping. This creates peace among those around you as you are very mindful of your language.

Rosemary has its strength in clearing unwanted thoughts to create a positive attitude. It promotes concentration and allows you to enjoy the ride without running around to complete tasks.

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