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Can You Be Emotionally Attached to Food?

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As a child, remember how hanging from an object like a teddy bear or a blanket made you feel safe and happy? This feeling is exactly the same one that millions of overweight people struggle with every day to break their emotional attachment to food. Can you be emotionally attached to food? Absolutely, and more people are than those who aren’t, and generally aren’t even aware they are, which is why weight becomes an issue.

If you can stick to an object like a blanket, you can certainly stick to food. Certain foods evoke certain feelings in your head that make you happy, confident, or in some cases just fill a void. For example, imagine you’re in college and you come home for the first time to rid yourself of all that junk you’ve been eating and enjoy a home-cooked meal that only mommy could make. How good eating makes you feel, not only does it taste good, but it is what you call “home” and it’s good for your stomach and good for your mind and soul.

There are endless comfort foods like cakes, cookies, pies, ice cream, and the warm soul foods like chicken, mashed potatoes, and cookies that millions of people love to keep their spirits up and make them feel good. The problem is that these foods are fattening and not good for you. Food brings people together, look how many American holidays are surrounded by a big get-together meal? People look forward to these meals because they taste good, give you a reason to see your friends and family, and give you peace of mind. A once-a-year celebration won’t hurt you, it’s those who eat ice cream while bored, those who consume a whole box of donuts while nursing a bad day from work at night, these types of eating habits become emotional create attachments to food. Some people only eat because they are lonely and have nothing else to do. You must break this self-destructive cycle as quickly as possible and face the truth that you eat to survive, but you don’t survive to eat.

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Once you become acquainted with this truth in life, you can begin to make wiser decisions and realize that food can actually only make you happy for a short time before the effects of it sink in and you are unhappy. You’ll be far more unhappy with yourself if you eat a lot of junk food and then gain ten pounds and have to rush to lose them than if you eat smarter foods and wake up the next day feeling good and your body looking great Result of your smarter eating habits.

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