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Cancer Treatment – Should You Opt For Western Medicine Or Alternative Medicine?

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Has Western medicine found the cure for cancer?

Many billions of dollars have been poured into the cancer industry over several decades, and the sad fact is that cancer survival rates have not increased. There’s a lot of talk in the cancer industry about survival rates for chemotherapy patients being a big win, but these so-called wins are measured in months, not years. How can anyone champion the achievements of Western medicine when it costs a patient $75,000 to live another three months and those extra three months are lived out in utter agony? Those extra three months of agony are presented as a staggering feat of medicine and have only cost Americans 6 decades and billions upon billions of dollars to achieve.

The mainstream medical community bases its claim that chemotherapy should be the only available treatment for cancer patients on the aforementioned alleged success of the cancer industry in making major strides against the disease in terms of prolonged life. Again, three months of extra torment should not be considered a success in anyone’s book unless someone could make a lot of money by employing such a barbaric practice. And don’t get me wrong, chemotherapy is absolutely barbaric and not a cure. It thoroughly wreaks havoc on the immune systems of poor sufferers, destroying living cells and internal organs. It’s almost non-survivable. This very expensive treatment destroys the very immune system that the cancer patient needs to strengthen in order to make the body healthy again. Poor cancer sufferers are forced to give their life savings to this multiplied billion dollar a year scam.

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Many alternative treatments that have been shown to work wonders, restoring cancer patients to perfect health and many more years of productive life, are being suppressed by the cancer industry for obvious reasons. But just in case the reason isn’t obvious to you, let me explain why they (the cancer industry) are actually thrilled that a large percentage of Americans are being diagnosed with cancer – MONEY! That’s the very sad answer, but it’s also the truthful answer. Treatments proven to cure cancer continue to be suppressed by the cancer industry, mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical companies, all of whom have a vested interest in your disease. The food industry sells junk they call food, and when your body physically rebels, the cancer industry is there to put the final nail in the coffin, and the nail will cost you everything you have.

It should be clear to anyone who doesn’t have an agenda and is actually looking for the truth that Western medicine has been an absolute failure when it comes to treating cancer. We were promised a cure many years ago, but cancer rates and cancer deaths have gone through the roof in the last few decades. There is an actual survival rate of almost zero, and that rate has not increased significantly in all the years and all the billions of dollars that have been thrown into the cancer industry by desperate Americans begging for a cure. If you conduct your studies with an unbiased lens, you will find that the only significant number of patients who actually survive cancer and live for many more years are those who avoid Western treatments and choose alternative therapies. This vast body of living evidence for the fact that cancer is not incurable has achieved complete healing through lifestyle changes that emphasize good nutrition, exercise and herbal treatments to name a few.

The gentlest way to put it is that Western medicine is a miserable failure when it comes to curing cancer. The only achievement that mainstream western medicine can boast of is that a whole lot of people have gotten rich. Of course, they got rich by ensuring that a cure was never found and by making even the mention of alternative treatments taboo. However, you should know that alternative medicine and naturopathy have an amazing success rate (not for decades, but for thousands of years) and that there are safe, inexpensive methods with no side effects. I firmly believe that the thought of the knowledge that cancer already has a cure is keeping many gazillion cancer industry moguls up at night (disturbing) and they will continue to do whatever they can to suppress the good news.

I implore you to consider the utter failure of barbaric chemotherapy treatments and the vast success stories of natural medicine, and then make a decision based on the facts. The bottom line is that if you have cancer and decide to go down the extremely expensive chemotherapy route, you have a very short time to live and the time you have left will bear no resemblance to real life . It will be an agonizing death, but mind you, death is almost certain. You won’t (can’t) survive the treatment, so you really have nothing to lose by venturing outside the mainstream and at least getting the facts. As you do so, I am sure you will find that you have great hope of being fully healed and living disease free for many more years. God bless you!

Thanks to Mark Brohl

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