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Cleanse Your Colon to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

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Many people trying to lose weight experience a plateau after some time and weight loss. It seems that nothing you do makes you lose more weight. You try to diet more and you try to exercise more but to no avail. There are only so many calories you can cut before not eating and that’s not a viable option for weight loss or life.

Maybe this recent stop in weight loss has nothing to do with your nutrition plan? What if the problem is in your colon? Obviously, all of your food passes through your colon, but when it’s blocked, food sticks to the walls. Your body hangs on the weight. At the same time, nutrients are not absorbed by your body. This causes you to be even hungrier and want to eat more. Well, if you eat more, not only will you not lose weight, you will gain some back. Not really what you want. This can be made worse by eating processed foods, which cause your colon to be slow to digest and your body to absorb nutrients slowly.

What’s the answer? A colon cleanse. And there are products for that. When the blockage is gone after a colon cleanse, food no longer sticks to the walls. Instead, it is digested and eliminated from your body. The nutrients from food are absorbed by your body, so your body doesn’t have to be hungry and ask for more food. You won’t eat anymore. Instead, you need to eat less.

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But just cleaning out your colon isn’t enough. This must be done with others weight loss strategies. You already need to eat right and exercise before you decide to have a colon cleanse. Here are some tips to combine all these weight loss methods.

When preparing to cleanse, you need to consume half your body weight in ounces of water. A clean pushes more water out of your system, so you need to compensate for that. If you weigh 200 pounds, you need to drink 100 ounces of water before and during the cleanse.

Your colon uses probiotics to break down food. A colon cleanse will flush these away. It is important that you consume them after a cleanse to replenish what has been washed away.

A healthy diet, especially leafy greens, is essential. A colon cleanse isn’t a miracle cure, so there’s no reason to stop eating healthy.

Being consistent and completing the cleanse will greatly increase the likelihood that the cleanse will be effective. A cleanse will make you want to go to the bathroom more often, but don’t let that put you off. This is a crystal clear sign that the cleaning is working.

Now realize that if you do the above, you will lose weight, but that’s no reason to overindulge in your food. Be prepared to resume your diet after the cleanse.

By cleansing your colon and sticking to a healthy diet and exercise, you will overcome your weight loss plateau. You’ve come this far No reason to stop now.

Thanks to Ian Sani

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