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This Is Why Eating Raw Vegan Makes You So Happy!

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It’s hard to describe, but there’s a sense of joy, excitement, and happiness that emanates from a live, raw vegan diet. Whether it’s from increased levels of serotonin (a chemical in the brain that creates a feeling of happiness and joy), to improved body image, mental clarity and energy, a raw vegan diet leads to a great mood! No, I take that back! A wonderful mood, a sense of joy and peace, and a connection to yourself and others that you were previously deadened to.

When you eat cooked food, you numb yourself with dead food and destroy your health. There really isn’t anything in between. With each bit, you either build or destroy health. When your diet is raw vegan and alive with live enzymes, you feel more alive. It doesn’t happen overnight, and of course an emotional and physical detox must be gone through, but in the long run you will experience quite a lift in mood and feel a lot more joy.

There are many reasons to explain this. First off, plant-based foods boost serotonin levels, which is your feel-good brain chemical. Plus, eating raw vegan food leads to better brain chemistry and brain health. Even your adaptogen levels increase and this helps you deal with stress. Better overall health usually makes you feel better. A raw vegan diet gives you more energy, and energy is always fun and exciting. Also, you will be pain free and more in touch with your emotions. Personally, I’ve found that going raw vegan allows me to go into deep states of relaxation, comparable to an amazing 90 minute massage.

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Another reason eating raw foods makes you feel so good is that you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself and the world. You feel good about taking care of yourself and your health. It is a journey of self-control and discipline. As well as a journey where you learn new things about health and yourself. Often people develop or strengthen a connection to spirituality that feels meaningful and leads to a deep sense of peace. I find that raw vegan foods wake you up to your purpose and force you to stop doing the things that don’t make you happy. Basically, you are forced to leave all BS that lead to happiness.

You’re obviously looking better, and you’re also excited to see what benefits await you next in your raw vegan journey. It’s a self-transformation process of becoming the super version of yourself and there is so much to discover. It’s like being a child again with curiosity and wonder at the world.

So you look better, have more energy, have balanced and healthy brain chemistry, and eat live food, which somehow makes you feel more alive. Plus, every day you can look better and better and experience new benefits. How exciting!

Visit to begin your transition to a high or whole raw material vegan diet.

Thanks to Nargis Khestoo

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