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Diet Rebound Effect – How to Avoid and Stop Experiencing Weight Gain After a Diet

The most important thing to know about the diet rebound effect is that its root cause isn’t what you’re doing wrong, it’s what the diet itself is getting wrong. As you can see, most diets tend to drop your daily calorie allowance to very low levels, which can in fact cause more problems than it’s worth, as I’ll discuss. Also, I’m going to explain an easy way to diet, lose weight, and actually maintain the results.

Why most diets cause rebound effects

The main reason that most diets cause rebound effects is that they focus on getting calorie expenditure down to an all-time low for most people. The result is that the individual’s metabolism slows to match this decrease in calories, essentially triggering a survival mechanism in your body that is triggered by scarcity. Once the diet is over, what happens is that you start eating normally again, but your metabolism is far from normal. Now that you’re training to save for weeks or months, any calories you eat for the next few weeks will automatically be stored as fat and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.

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How one Never experience Again the rebound effect!

The best solution is not to go on a low-calorie diet in the first place. The best option of the non-low calorie diets is the calorie shifting diet. The reason for this is that it actually stimulates your metabolism to burn fat from eating food. It essentially creates the opposite effect that low-calorie dieting creates in the first place. The best part is that not only do the results last, but most people continue to lose fat days to weeks after stopping the diet.

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