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Fitness Secrets of Rajko Radovic

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There aren’t many people who don’t know the legendary sun father duo Dragan Radovic and Rajko Radovic. Well known in fitness training circles, Dragan Radovic has taken on the form of a cult figure after creating the popular Fitness 4X4 training program. His son Rajko Radovic is also a well-known athlete and fitness trainer and senior Radovic has passed the baton to his able son to carry on his legacy. Rajko Radovic is not only very popular as an athlete, but also as a prominent fitness trainer. Many people want to know Rajko Radovic’s fitness secret. It’s no secret that he’s an avid follower of his father’s 4×4 fitness regimen, but there’s one more thing that makes Rajko Radovic-Maximuscle’s amazing physique.

Maximuscle is a popular sports nutrition company in the UK and provides nutritional support to many athletes and fitness professionals around the world. Fitness for the sporting events requires something more than just training – it requires proper nutrition to enhance performance. Increased performance means that you would have to improve your own record in the long-term tests. Sports nutrition has always been treated as a collection of drugs that are nothing more than performance enhancers. This particular notion was completely obliterated by Maximuscle with the introduction of various sports nutrition products designed to provide the body with the energy boost it needs to perform better.

We are all aware of the fact that most sports nutrition products are fake and never live up to what they advertise. With the launch of Maximuscle, the sports nutrition industry received a tremendous boost because their products performed what they advertised. That’s why legendary athletes and fitness experts like Rajko Radovic trust it. Rajko Radovic believes he has seen a huge jump in his VO2max and also a significant drop in his resting heart rate in a short period of time – a magical combination of 4X4 ​​fitness program and Maximuscle nutrition products. Maximuscle has a range of products in the form of Promax, Protrient, Recovermax, Viper Extreme Bars and Ache Free that most athletes and sports people care about. The same goes for Rajko Radovic. He says these products provide the body with the right amount of energy to keep going for a longer period of time.

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Rajko Radovic prefers Maximuscle’s products because he believes that these products provide the right amount of energy needed during the recovery period and also before training sessions begin. Because of this, he believes these products can act as the greatest performance enhancers. All of these products have been medically proven to provide the body with the necessary energy after ingestion. These are safe for the body and do not harm the internal system. Maximuscle products are not only the secret behind the fitness of Rajko Radovic, but also of many such fitness trainers from different parts of the world.

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