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5 Tips on Finding the Best Bed Wetting Alarm

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Using a bed wetting alarm is one of the most preferred methods to stop bed wetting in children for several reasons. First, this alarm system effectively and instantly detects wetness so that a child is trained to wake up to urinate in the toilet. In effect, this device helps a child recognize the sensations that lead to urination. Second, unlike medications, a moisture alarm poses no side effect—thus it is safe to use. Third, it addresses the condition in the long run.

Bed wetting alarm systems usually come in either a clip-on type that attaches to a child’s pajamas or a mattress pad. As the name implies, moisture alarms sense wetness and set off an alarm to rouse the child. It works around the principle of behavioral conditioning—it trains a child to wake up and urinate in the toilet in response to a full bladder and the alarm.
If your kid has problems keeping his bed dry at night, then it is wise to invest in a moisture alarm. While this device may not solve the problem at once, it can definitely save you from the exhaustion and embarrassment that comes from your child’s condition.

Looking for a good yet reasonably priced moisture alarm? Here are five tips to help you find one.

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1. Read customer reviews on the leading moisture alarm brands. The feedbacks based on actual experience of customers can give you an idea on which product can provide you with the best quality at an affordable price.

2. There are certain features you need to look for when choosing a moisture alarm. First, find out how the alarm is attached. Some alarms come with special underwear, while others are connected to a child’s underwear or pajamas. The kind of alarm you choose depends on your child’s preference. Your child may want to use his own underwear or have a built-in sensor so that he won’t have to worry about placing the sensor properly. If your child prefers to lie on the sensor instead of using it on the underwear, the best option is the pad type alarm.

3. Choose a bed wetting alarm that can emit the loudest sound so that your child can easily respond. It would also be better if you buy an alarm that allows volume control.

4. Look for alarms with vibrating feature. Of course, sound alone may not be enough to wake up your child when the need to urinate arises. Vibration will boost your child’s response to the alarm. The vibration from the alarm must be the same as a gentle shaking of the shoulder.

5. If your child is a deep sleeper, you can still make good use of a moisture alarm. In that case, the parents must wake up the child as soon as the alarm sets off. Make sure that the sound coming from the alarm is loud enough for you to hear. Compared with wearable alarms, wireless alarms produce louder sound.

Bed wetting treatment is guaranteed to be safe and effective when you use a moisture alarm. Be sure to choose the one that fits your and your child’s needs so that you can finally say goodbye to wet nights.

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