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Foods That Cause Man Boobs

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The most important thing to take away from this lesson is that you learn the foods that increase estrogen levels.

Don’t take the title of this article too literally. Obviously, it’s not like you eat some obscure food and wake up the next morning with gynecomastia. Foods that cause man boobs do this by increasing estrogen levels, which causes your body to store fat cells behind the nipples and around the breast tissue.

When you’re trying to lose male boobs, it’s all about toning and burning off your pecs, working off that fatty tissue and replacing it with a tighter, more toned chest. When you eat foods that increase estrogen levels, you are unknowingly working against your main goal.

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So here I am going to list the foods that naturally increase your body’s estrogen levels or decrease your body’s testosterone levels and make it harder to burn breast fat. These tips apply not only to people with gynecomastia, but also to people with pseudogynecomastia, since I’ve included fatty foods in the “avoid” list.

In case you forgot what pseudogynecomastia is, it’s man boobs that are caused by an overall excess amount of body fat rather than hormonal imbalances. People with pseudogynecomastia should still avoid the below foods while following their weight loss diet. The results will be much faster if you energize your body To the right Path. So without further ado…

Foods that sabotage a gynecomastia diet

soy protein

Soy proteins contain isoflavones, which can mimic weak estrogen effects. It’s not the same as your body’s estrogen – it’s 1,000 times weaker than your body’s estrogen. However, continued ingestion of such foods adds up.

Stay far away from soy protein while losing man boobs. Yes, soy protein is very heart healthy and I don’t mind eating it in general. Anyway, it Has It has been proven to increase estrogen levels. Soy milk, soybeans like Edimame, bodybuilding soy protein shakes, or even many off the shelf snack foods should be avoided.

I used to eat soy chips and Odwalla fruit juice at work and later found out they were stuffed with soy. Cut out these evildoers quickly.

Red meat

I know this is hard to accept, but while you’re losing breast fat you just have to give up red meat. It’s just too fat for the diet you’re trying to follow. The idea here is to get ripped, and red meat just doesn’t fit that lifestyle.

You can have a lean cut of red meat every now and then, but I recommend sticking to fish, chicken, turkey, and egg whites skinny Pork while on the gynecomastia diet.

beer Wine

Just forget about it for a while – without exception. If you want to switch to vodka, it’s acceptable in small doses, but the fact is that alcohol will only set you back. Until your body is a fat burning machine, don’t slow your progress with these vises.

By eliminating alcohol from your diet, you will see results MUCH FASTER. The wasteful calories that come with drinking can have you sabotaging all of your tough days of exercise and eating right in just one night. Don’t fall for that big no, no.


Okay, it’s not technically a food, but marijuana will definitely work against you when it comes to burning chest fat. Marijuana has been shown to increase the size of fat cells in both men and women.

It also lowers testosterone levels, which in effect creates a higher estrogen rich environment in the body. The effect? You guessed it, more fat deposits in the chest and chest area. Not good.

Greasy food

That’s just common sense. You shouldn’t chew on salty potato chips and ice cream cones. Stay fit and toned and you will no longer give your body excuses to pack on extra fat.

Are you starting to feel like this requires some effort on your part? Well, huh! There is no overnight fix, but if you follow these guidelines, you will see significantly faster results. Really, it just takes hard work and consistency. Eat right, exercise, use a supplement like Gynexin and in no time your man boobs will be history. That’s all. Easy. Good luck and let’s get started!

Thanks to Matthew Lemky

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