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The Best Running For Weight Loss

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It’s well known that Olympic sprinters are lean, muscular and in great shape, but look at marathon runners. With a few exceptions, these guys look thin, sticky, and fragile. Let me show you the best way to run for the weight loss you want.

Slim, toned and sexy figure

  • This is accomplished through HIIT, sprints, strength training, and a careful diet
  • Some examples would be guys like Brad Pitt, Cam Gigandet, girls like Angelina Jolie
  • You get this figure from 50% diet and 50% exercise
  • If you want that kind of physique, you got to have both diet and exercise in balance
  • You need to eat a good amount and burn fat through exercise
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Thin, fragile, rod-like build

  • That’s the kind of physique you see in extreme distance runners
  • Some examples would be any celebrity who has anorexia
  • These body shapes are great for endurance sports
  • This is achieved by a a lot of Exercise and hardly eat anything

Now the choice is yours – slim, luscious and sexy or skinny, fragile and sticky. I know that if you are currently overweight you might be tempted to just stop eating, but friend, that’s not going to help.

When you stop eating, your metabolism slows and you stop burning calories because your body is holding on to the only food it has left.

The best way is to eat more of the good foods and exercise to burn off the excess body fat.

Now I realize you’ve been desperate for information, but if you’re really serious about losing body fat and getting in the best shape, let me help you today. I was in your place and I know exactly how to help you.

Thanks to Johnny Palmer

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