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Healthy Eating – Is Food Healthier When It’s Raw?

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A question many people ask when going through their eating plan is whether they should be eating raw foods as much as possible. While you may not go as far as adopting the raw food diet approach, which can be very restrictive in some senses and difficult for many to adhere to; You may be wondering if it’s wiser not to cook certain foods.
What’s the verdict?
The benefits of raw food. First, let’s look at the benefits of eating raw food. The main advantage is that they have not been modified in any way. More and more people are realizing the value of food in its natural state, and eating raw food takes it a step further. Even naturally occurring foods like carrots and broccoli are slightly altered when cooked. And this changes their nutritional profile.
Some foods tend to leach nutrients when heated, especially when cooked. This is usually the case with vegetables, so eating vegetables raw is often recommended. Otherwise, it is good to eat other healthy natural foods such as:

     <li>    Yogurt, </li> 
     <li>    fresh fruits, </li> 
     <li>    Nuts,</li> 
     <li>    seeds and </li> 
     <li>    oils </li> 
    </ul>    often, since they are nutrient-dense foods.

    <strong>A note on cooking. </strong>However, keep in mind that some foods benefit from cooking.  Take sweet potatoes for example.  You can't eat these raw, so you must cook them to reap their nutritional benefits.  The same goes for lean protein foods.  You won't be eating raw chicken any time soon - or at least you definitely shouldn't!
    Cooked foods in your diet can help you absorb more nutrients when the foods cannot be eaten raw.  And yet some foods taste better when they are cooked and oil is added: These include foods that contain fat-soluble vitamins.  Kale, for example, can be a little more nutritious if you lightly cook it and add a small amount of olive oil.  The oil helps absorb the fat-soluble vitamins — vitamins A, D, E, and K. If you eat kale raw, you won't get as concentrated a dose.
    <strong>your approach. </strong>Therefore, your approach should be balanced - eat some foods raw and others cooked.  Pay attention to variety in your diet.  Most of the time, this is the better way to approach your eating plan.
    Many people find that eating raw foods helps reduce digestive stress.  On those days when you're feeling bloated and bloated, this can be another reason to opt for raw food more often.
    <p>Keep these points in mind and consider adding some raw foods to your diet this week.  You can gain a lot by doing this.</p> 

Thanks to Beverleigh H Piepers

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