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How does Dying feel like? Part 2

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In our series of the about question on dying, Simona Popescu shares an experience:

“I’ve had two clinical deaths and I can tell you that is very easy to die. You slip in death like when you fall asleep. You are not even aware that you died. What I felt was that something heavy and cold was evaporating from my physical body; I would describe the sensation like when you remove the nail polish and you feel the nail polish remover cold and heavy on your nails while it evaporates.

Then I did not perceive my body anymore, kind of like feeling everywhere in the room but in the mean time feeling small. I am telling you that is very weird, hard to describe and understand. I was able to see everywhere and I was able to hear but people’s voices had a low speed frequency and I couldn’t make out much what they were saying. I felt calm, very good and with no worries.

No much recollection of my earthly life, though. No memories, not many feelings. Just feeling good and serene. But the whole time I was able to feel one part of my physical body: the belly button. I felt it cold and heavy and I felt like something was keeping me connected to it, something like a umbilical cord that I was aware of but couldn’t see. I could see myself on the hospital bed and people rushing around me and trying to revive me. That upset me a lot! I just wanted to be left alone.

Then I looked to a window and I saw my husband’s face crying. This was the single time when I felt regret and sorrow. Suddenly, I was drawn back into my body. The experience was horrible as I felt like I had been thrown from a 30-story building. I felt the most horrible pain, not just physical but emotional as well. Put all the bad feelings that you know together, amplify them to 1000% and there you have the cocktail of feelings that was running through me at that time.

I literally jumped off the bed and four nurses had to hold me down, though I have 120 pounds and I am 5′4″. My eyes were completely red because all the blood vessels popped during this experience. I couldn’t remember anything immediately, it took me three weeks to recover and remember everything. Maybe there is more that happened but this is what I was able to remember.”

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