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Ketogenic Diet Menu For The Beginner: Understanding SKD, TKD And CKD

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If you’ve decided to lose weight this spring, consider the ketogenic diet. The diet has been around for a long time and was once used to treat patients with epileptic or seizure disorders, particularly in young children. Nowadays, the diet has lost popularity with the advent of prescription drugs that treat the health problem. However, the diet is used by many dieters around the world for its effectiveness and although dieting comes with its side effects, knowing about the diet and following the rules can help you lose weight without affecting your overall health.

Beginners in particular should have a brief overview of the diet and meal plan to make an informed decision if they decide to go on the diet on their own. As always, those with health conditions should consult their healthcare provider to help patients adjust to the diet plan or to monitor them to ensure ketogenic therapy is not affecting their health.

3 Types of Ketogenic Diets

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The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet with adequate protein in the meal. It is further divided into three types and according to daily calorie needs, the percentage differs. Diets are often prepared at a ratio level such as 4:1 or 2:1, with the first number indicating the total amount of fat in the diet compared to the proteins and carbohydrates combined in each meal.

Default – SKD

The first diet is the standard or SKD diet and is designed for people who are not active or lead a sedentary lifestyle. The meal plan limits the dieter to eating 20-50 net grams of carbohydrates. Starchy fruits or vegetables are excluded from the diet. In order for the diet to be effective, one must strictly adhere to the nutrition plan. Butter, vegetable oil, and whipped cream are commonly used to replace carbohydrates in the diet.

Targeted – TKD

TKD is less strict than SKD and allows carbohydrates to be consumed, but only in a specific portion or amount that does not affect the ketosis you are currently in. The TKD diet helps dieters who engage in some level of exercise or exercise.

Cyclic – CNE

The CKD is preferable for those who are into strength training or doing intense exercise and not for beginners as the person undergoing the diet will stick to an SKD meal plan 5 days in a week and keep eating/loading on carbs must the next two days. It is important that dieters follow the strict regimen to ensure their diet is successful.

This is just a brief overview of the ketogenic diet and will hopefully help you decide if you are interested in the diet. For an in-depth discussion of the benefits and effects of the diet plan, it is best to consult your medical healthcare provider.

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