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Kitchen Tools for the Macrobiotic Diet

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You may need to buy a few kitchen supplies when you start cooking macrobiotic foods for your family. In fact, with the right pots, you can create extremely tasty dishes. Some items can be purchased from the start, while others can only be purchased along the way. Many of these kitchen gadgets will help you save a lot of time and energy in the kitchen.

First, you have the vacuum pot, which is one of the most important kitchen tools when it comes to macrobiotic dishes. This pot is made of steel and can be used daily to prepare cereals and vegetables or other foods. If you buy a five liter pot there will be enough for a family of six and you have a variety of models to choose from.

Then you have various bowls and pots, of which steel ones are recommended for everyday use. Sometimes the cast iron pots are very suitable for frying. On the other hand, the pans made of aluminum are not recommended, nor are those made of other non-stick materials. The aluminum is absorbed directly into the food and the materials attached or the plastics are very easy to scratch and mix with the food you are cooking.

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Finally, you have the tools and covers. We strongly advise you to use natural wood tools, which are very economical and durable. You should start with the soup ladles and so on. You can use metal covers when eating, although many people prefer wooden or ceramic ones.

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