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Law of Attraction, The Secret, and Other Voodoo

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Marketers and motivational experts have always known certain secrets to attracting and converting customers. The emphasis used to be on “closing the sale”. The goal these days is to simply follow the law of attraction. “Ask and you shall receive”, believe and it shall be given to you.”

When you watch a marketing guru in action, it’s easy to believe that the law of attraction works. You can be confident that if you repeat your favorite positive affirmations regularly, the world will open up its resource bank and pour the goodies into your lap. And you can guess, “If he or she can do it, so can I.”

All of this is true. The law of attraction works. Positive affirmations help us achieve what we want. And if someone else can do it, someone who is also human, I can do it too. But there is a fly in the ointment, a misconception, an elephant in the room that cannot be ignored.

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If the law of attraction worked that easily, then anyone who became aware of it and practiced thinking and visualizing their dreams would automatically attract and get the results they want. And some people do. Some lucky people will snag the latest motivational trend that is currently the law of attraction and fly with it. These people take a difficult business and turn it into a mega empire or they turn from being lonely single to finding their ideal soulmate.

As wonderful and powerful as the Law of Attraction is, it only seems to work for a small, dedicated, select group of people. Why is that? What’s the secret these successful people know that the rest of us haven’t figured out yet?

I believe it’s actually the law of wealth creation: build personal strengths, build relationships, balance emotions, focus the mind, heal the body, connect with the spirit, study skills, practice and learn. Initially, you will focus on building a repertoire of marketing and people skills as well as expertise in your areas of specialization. Then market your unique skills by providing strong social proof that you actually succeeded. And you find a way to convince others that you, and only you, have the answers that will help them solve their most pressing problems.

Once all these skills and marketing repertoire are in place, you can finally put the Law of Attraction into motion. You actually become a magnet for attraction because you have developed skills and expertise that other people want. They want to learn from you, receive from you, and just be around you so they can absorb what they think you can teach them.

Study the marketing gurus and you will find that it is not the people who sit in their room and imagine the world that pay them heavily for their services. You will find men and women who have diligently built their knowledge, expertise and marketing strategies. And then let the law of attraction work.

Build your home first: lay the foundation, design the layout, choose the best team to work with, add your unique designs, and then invite people to your beautiful home. They will come when your home is fully furnished and they expect to be welcomed, accepted and comfortable. Few will want to come into a house with hardwood floors and no seating, kitchen appliances, and no food, etc. Furnish your home and invite your guests.

The Law of Attraction works the same way. Equip your mind, body and spirit with all the knowledge and skill, practice, support and social proof you need. Package everything with an organized marketing approach. And then sit back and watch the Law of Attraction bring you the results you want.

Thanks to Erica Goodstone, Ph.D.

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