How to Live a Healthy Life by Changing Your Habits

How to Live a Healthy Life by Changing Your Habits

A healthy life is undoubtedly the greatest desire of all of us. Because without health, life radically changes its meaning. The best way to feel happy, energetic, and healthy in the future is to live a happy, energetic, and healthy life in the present. The benefits and pleasures achieved are both immediate and long-term.

We’re increasingly moving in a direction where people are finally realizing that being healthy is about much more than just not being sick.

We cannot let life pass through us without living it with energy and stimuli that bring us happiness. We need to make our lives more attractive and stimulating simply by being resolute, active and participatory in facing it.

Often we are unable to stop the journey of life. Despite this fact, life is also the fruit of our attitudes and behaviors. So we are the result of our experiences.

How to lead a healthy life

“What needs to be done to be healthy”, “how to start a healthy life” or “how to live a healthy and happy life” are questions that people often ask themselves.

Debucemo first to the question:

What does it mean to be healthy? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is “physical, mental and social well-being and not the mere absence of disease…”. In other words, being healthy is not just the absence of disease, but essentially the individual’s physical and mental well-being. It is no coincidence that the WHO defines health in this way, giving the word a much broader meaning than just the simple antonyms of disease.

Although health is obviously associated with the word medicine, it goes far beyond the meaning that common sense often ascribes to it and usually only associates it with healing medicine. However, medicine is much more than that, as its main concern is the prevention of diseases.

People’s lifestyle, poor diet, stress and other factors have greatly contributed to aggravating the problems. Examples are diabetes and high blood pressure, diseases that are closely related to the habits of the modern population.

Many of the problems that modern medicine helps solve could easily be avoided if some of the essential recommendations for a healthy lifestyle are followed.

Changing habits and behaviors is essential and urgent. We don’t mean that we should follow all the rules of healthy living to the letter, as if it were a hard, painful, and even castrating plan for people. Life must be lived with intensity and pleasure, so we must never become mere prisoners of attitudes/behaviours which, while healthier, would be both painful and limiting.

Life is made up of choices. Take your attention, find the balance between the pros and cons of your personal tastes towards a healthier life and remember that ultimately it is your quality of life that you want to improve.

We’re talking about changing attitudes that stimulate and lead us to happiness, thereby improving our health. It’s not always possible, but it’s doable in most cases.

For example, imagine a simple walk in nature or enjoying your favorite piece of fruit. These are two simple examples where it is entirely possible to enjoy life while improving health.

food, physical exercise

Healthy living is also in our hands. Let’s not judge that we can eat excessive amounts of sugar every day and that if one day we get diabetes, it’s just a matter of fate and bad luck. We cannot condemn anyone who is exposed to high doses of stress every day, and we do not pay a high price for it in the long term. Let’s not think that we can be smokers for years and let’s not collect respiratory problems and deterioration of our quality of life.

Our attitudes sooner or later make us think about our health.

Obviously, our attitude towards life is a crucial factor in making it healthier. See life positively and feel good before you act.

At least two important things to keep in mind. First of all, the diet. Good nutrition can do a lot more for your health than you think. Diet and healthy living are inseparable concepts.

Second, physical exercise. When done in the right way, this can greatly improve your health and well-being, thereby contributing to a better quality of life.

Think of physical exercise as something positive and relaxing, not something hard and “it has to be”. Find out which activity you enjoy the most and see the benefits it can offer.

Just change these two factors and discover a healthier life.

If you intend to delve deeper into these and other topics, we encourage you to read our blog articles on nutrition and the benefits of physical activity.

life quality

How many of us are already feeling the discomfort caused by simple back pain. Or you’ve felt the discomfort of repeated infections, often caused by the weakening of our immune system.

We could give many examples, but we all know that illness or disease drastically reduces our quality of life.

Today we live in a time when the time has come to dictate the rules. The lack of time means that people live in a constant race with this precious commodity.

We don’t have time to eat well, we don’t have time to exercise, we don’t have time to talk to people, we don’t have time to do many things that are considered essential in our lives. Unfortunately, these behaviors create a multitude of problems with serious consequences for our health and well-being.

With these problems, people are severely impaired in their health on the one hand, and their quality of life is severely restricted on the other.

In short we would say that without healthy habits it is not possible to have a good quality of life.

Healthy Longevity

A few decades ago, average life expectancy was much lower.

With improvements in living conditions and advances in medicine, it has gradually increased. Still, because we all want to live better and longer.

The current goal is not just to live longer. It’s about being permanently healthy, i.e. leading an active, healthy, happy and goal-oriented life. However, living longer does not equate to living better. Increasing life expectancy is often accompanied by more or less sophisticated therapies which, despite their effectiveness, severely impair people’s quality of life. We shouldn’t just want to live more, we should want to live better.

Longevity is also in our hands. We evasively believe that we need to focus our attention on maintaining a healthy state, assuming that our attitudes in the present will have a profound impact on our future health.

If you want to live healthier and longer, start taking action in that direction, that is, action that is firm and healthy while contributing to your current well-being.

Benefits of a healthy life.

The benefits of a healthy life for people are countless. It will therefore not be necessary to describe them with an extractor, since we all know what is pleasant to feel healthy or, on the contrary, what is painful to feel sick.

However, the benefits of healthy living don’t stop there. Health care costs are increasingly inconvenient for people, either directly or indirectly through their taxes, which are channeled to the public health service.

There are studies that clearly show that for every dollar invested in prevention, we can get a significant return on curative treatments.

In other words, the investment priority should be disease prevention. On the other hand, the social and economic costs caused by illness, such as B. absenteeism, very high with increasing expenditure on social protection.


It is undeniable that today there is a great deal of interest in curative health, where medicine has developed tremendously in recent years. As we have seen, these advances in medicine have undoubtedly brought people a longer life expectancy and a better quality of life.

In the absence of health, our whole life is reduced and therefore we cannot live it and enjoy it to the full.

That is why we have to think about our future, because our quality of life will also reflect our way of life today.

Therefore, a new paradigm must emerge in which the promotion of health and a stronger attitude in people serve to prevent disease, with enormous benefits for their health, improving their quality of life and well-being. In short, each of us should develop a healthier lifestyle that puts health first.

For all of these reasons, we believe, evasively, that a commitment to preventing disease, promoting health and well-being is paramount.

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