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Lose Weight Diet – The Asian Way

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It is very interesting to know that many obesity related problems are linked to a new food culture called fast food. Fast food places like McDonalds, Burger King, KFC etc. are responsible for a growing generation of obese children and adults.
Rapidly increasing wealth among the newbie rich hasn’t helped either. Perhaps a new adopted American food culture, accepted by many in Asia and Europe, has increased the number of people suffering from heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
Traditionally, before the onslaught of fast food places, Asians tend to
• Eat more grains
• Eat more vegetables
• Eat less raw meat
• Eat less grilled meat and fish
• Meals with nutritious soup
• Drink tea with most meals
• Eat less processed foods
• Eat less MSG cooked food
• Take white rice with fish and boiled meat
• Eat less dairy products
• Train more
Chinese Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for more than 4000 years. It is known to diagnose problems in human nutrition such as stomach ulcers, diarrhea and weight loss. What they believe is in moderation or the ying and yang of a balanced diet.
The three major factors that throw us off balance are: diet, lifestyle and attitudes. Unfortunately, more and more Asians are embracing the American lifestyle.
There is an urgent need to eat healthier or follow a proper diet program in order to make the most of our hard work and accumulated wealth. Chinese nutritional therapy has been around for 4000 years and we can learn a lot from it.
The Chinese, in particular, understand that obesity is related to consuming too much sweet and salty foods, and that salt causes water retention. They recognize five tastes such as sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent. Each of these corresponds to an internal organ. And when we don’t have enough of it in our body, it leads to an unbalanced diet and, consequently, to organ failure.

The study of food preparations and herbs over the centuries has enabled the Chinese to use the properties of warming, cooling, moistening, activating or calming to plan meals for the sick, pregnant and post-pregnancy mothers. For example, women do not eat cold or raw foods after childbirth. They believe that in order to strengthen the body’s qi, the womb must be kept warm.

Thanks to Teo Eng Say

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