New Age Buzz-Words in Health, Healing and Wellness – What Do They Mean to You?

New Age Buzz-Words in Health, Healing and Wellness – What Do They Mean to You?

Of all the popular New Age search terms in the health and healing category, my personal favorite is holistic healing. This term apparently embodies all the others, such as spiritual healing, soul healing, healing meditation, chakra, energy healing, spiritual journey, and metaphysics. Some of these terms are specific methods like chakra and guided meditation, while others are just general expressions for adopting a mindset beyond the realm of materialism. The popularity of such search terms is a clear indication that hundreds of thousands of people are taking responsibility for their health and exploring possibilities beyond conventional medicine, which primarily involves eradicating diseases through cutting, sewing, burning, radiation and toxic chemicals. Of course, the benefits are many, and people cannot afford to turn their backs on treatment options in the standard healthcare system, but there are many viable supplements and alternatives.

However, the emphasis here is that you, the consumer, are at the center of holistic healing and taking responsibility for your health. You begin by understanding that you are much more than a skin bag of cells, tissues and organs and that your goal is to be healthy; not only be disease free. This is how you come to understand that you are one person with your body, mind and spirit all functioning as a single inseparable unit, so that every consideration affects the whole being. Therefore, our well-being depends on the thoughts, words, and actions of ourselves and everyone else involved in our lives.

In summary, the foundation of healthy living is how you think, what you say and what you do. Every decision is simply an answer to the question, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Most of the time, wellness requires putting off the desire for instant gratification and making an effort to maintain self-discipline. Healing requires finding information about the existing or potential health problem and keeping all options open when discussing possible solutions, which must always involve some lifestyle adjustments. True holistic healing, then, means dropping the notion that “the doctor knows best” and taking responsibility for yourself by learning, evaluating, and deciding.

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