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Pros and Cons of a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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Having a medicine cabinet at home is a very wise decision. The problem can arise when deciding what type of cabinet to get – wood, marble, glass? Each, of course, has its strengths and drawbacks, which will be the basis for your choice. In most apartments, a mirrored medicine cabinet is visible in the bathroom. What exactly made you make this choice and what should you know about this type of cabinet?


For one, a medicine cabinet with a mirrored door or surface serves a dual purpose. It serves as an ideal place for medicines, toothbrushes and razors and also offers you a mirror. You open the cupboard, get your razor, close it and shave. You don’t have to move from your position.

Then it’s its ability to complement any type of style. You don’t have to do a lot of research to make sure you don’t spoil your decor. They are also known to be a great way to give an illusion of size. They can make your small bathroom look bigger. In contrast to wood or other materials, they give the bathroom a clean look. Their reflective surface goes well with bathroom fixtures.

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For those who have young children, any type of mirrored furniture could be dangerous. If you don’t put them in a place that’s out of their reach, you might want to postpone your purchase until they’re older.

Mirror cabinets also require regular care. Any fingerprint or smudge is very noticeable and would destroy the effect of the mirror. If you’re one of those people who don’t really have time to clean, you might want to stick with plastic or wood cabinets that aren’t as demanding.

Although the advantages of a mirrored medicine cabinet outweigh the disadvantages, you have to live with your choice. Consider all factors before you decide.

Thanks to Charles C. Hall

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