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The Weight Gain Formula

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Weight gain appears to be an isolated issue. Normally we don’t meet too many people in everyday life who want to gain weight. The masses are now screaming: “Who wants to gain weight?”.

While it’s true for every three to four people we meet, at least two of them want to lose an inch or two. A pound here or a few pounds there. Unfortunately, there are also many people who want to put on the pounds for one reason or another.

The most common reason for the need to gain weight is most likely due to some type of medical condition. Sometimes underweight problems are caused by poor diet and improper diet.

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Gaining weight is easy for most people, but for others it may seem like an endless uphill battle. It has been proven that gaining weight can be just as difficult as losing weight for some.

how to gain weight

If you want to gain weight, you should first and foremost start with the essential requirements for the overall health of the body. Make sure you eat three balanced meals each day. Making it a habit to exercise, drink precise amounts of fluids daily, and get adequate rest each night is a big step in the right direction to fueling your body.

Aside from the essentials, I believe there are other factors that contribute to proper weight gain. In fact, there are six areas that I believe need to be well balanced and they are mindset, knowledge, nutrition, supplements, exercise, and support.

I want to briefly address each area, starting with mindset. A right mindset is very important in the weight gain process. It requires making an informed decision and going through with it.

Once the decision is made, knowledge comes. Understand what creates weight, become aware of the concept of eating larger portions. Eat to gain weight by realizing that you need to consume more calories than you expend.

Diet plays a big role when it comes to gaining weight. Many people will tell you to eat any type of food if you want to gain weight, as long as you eat, eat, and eat. This is completely false as the motive is to achieve healthy weight gain results instead of flabby results. Good food choices consist of adequate amounts of protein and good fats.

Sometimes, in order to achieve a healthy weight goal, supplements are required to bring balance into your body. The right supplements are packed with the right vitamins and minerals.

We all know that exercise is important for the overall health of our body. However, if you are trying to gain weight, there are some exercises that must be avoided during the process. The idea is to slow down your metabolism, not speed it up.

Surrounding yourself with a group of good supporters is highly recommended. People who will truly stand by you as you try to reach your weight goals. Do your best to stay with like-minded people.

There are a number of factors that contribute to the weight gain process. However, the bottom line is whenever the body is deficient in minerals or any vitamins it becomes extremely difficult to gain body weight. Consuming supplements that are packed with quality nutrients will only take care of mineral breakdown in the body.

Consider good food, rest and exercise, as well as age, body health, eating habits and other habits that play an important role in how successful your weight gain formula will be.

If you combine all of these elements and stick to the process, you’ll stand a better chance of achieving whatever weight gain goals you’ve set for yourself. I encourage you to do some research on nutrition and health and go from there.

Thanks to Rena Williams

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