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Top Ten Attitudes of Health and Fitness

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I have the unique opportunity to work with many types of people. This gives me the opportunity to observe different fitness attitudes. It’s this attitude towards diet, health and exercise that shows when people engage in physical activity. I will share the top ten attitudes list with you.

Attitude number one is good intentions. This person always “intends” to get some exercise. They talk about it, they put it on their agenda, but for some reason they never get around to it. This person could use an accountability group or a partner. All they need is someone to hold them to their commitments and keep them on track.

Attitude number two is the guilt builder. This person knows they should exercise and eat better, but they just can’t bring themselves to do it. Whether it’s low energy or low motivation, they have trouble even getting started and this causes them to feel very guilty every time they don’t do what they think they “should” be doing. Instead, they often only do what they feel like doing.

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Setting number three is the socializer. This person shows up where healthy activities are happening, but only joins in if they have a buddy to talk to. You enjoy being with others and watching others engage in activities. They have an interest in healthy living, but don’t always take the time to participate unless it becomes a social opportunity.

Attitude number four is apathetic. These people understand what it takes to be healthy and fit, but they just don’t care. They are comfortable where they are and see no need to change. This mindset is difficult to change. Apathy takes a major life event to change.

Attitude number five is Under duress. You’ve seen these people. They do the health thing, but they’re not happy about it. Most likely, a doctor or spouse has told them they need to do this. They invest their time but often get lackluster results. Since their heart isn’t involved, they release fewer endorphins and tend not to increase their intensity.

Attitude number six is ​​the hedonist. You won’t see them exercising, exercising, or choosing healthy foods. They live for the pleasure of the moment and never think about the consequences. No momentary pain for long-term gain here. If it feels good, do it! That’s their motto. They don’t feel guilty for their bad choices. They embrace the lifestyle of short-term pleasures and that reflects in the way they look and feel.

Attitude number seven is the enthusiast. This is the person who loves to exercise and makes it a regular part of their lifestyle. They feel better after exercise and place a high value on making healthy choices. When training, they appear relaxed and in the zone. Healthy choices are not difficult for enthusiasts, they enjoy them.

Attitude number eight is the uninformed. This person would make healthier choices if they only knew how. There is great potential in this attitude. With the right guidance, they can become enthusiasts.

Attitude number nine is the addict. This person has gone beyond a passion for fitness and has crossed the line into addiction. They actually have an exercise compulsion and often follow a very complex diet. It goes beyond normal enjoyment of a healthy life when the person becomes uncomfortable with not being able to follow their routines.

Attitude number ten is hopeful but rushed. These people enjoy fitness and healthy living but are not always able to keep it up due to multiple responsibilities and tight schedules. For this person, getting exercise and eating healthy isn’t impossible, but it’s a big challenge. They need to commit to it and then plan ahead to make sure they can do what they need to do.

All of these attitudes have described me at different times. However, number ten is the most common. I’d love to be the enthusiast, but I’m not quite there at this point. You can probably find yourself in one or more of these settings as well.

Whatever your attitude, remember that the choice is yours. Choose to do the right things even when your feelings and circumstances don’t match. After all, hiring is a choice.

Thanks to Lisa Schilling

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